Believe in America: Mitt Romneys Plan for Jobs and Economic Growth

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Table of Contents. Contents Introduction. Tea Party. Medical Marijuana. The Case for American Greatness. The Lighthearted Mitt. Energy Efficiency. Interrogation Techniques. Favors expedited permitting of federal leasing for oil and gas production, both onshore and offshore.

Would accelerate offshore leasing and set production targets. Fossil fuel subsidies. The U. National Academy of Sciences has confirmed previous scientific findings that human-induced climate change is underway and that avoiding the worst consequences of global warming will require significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Nevertheless, there remains public controversy over the reality of climate change and about a quarter of the U. Obama agrees with the broad consensus among climate scientists that climate change is real, that human activity is contributing to it, and that it poses significant risks.

The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking. Climate change and our dependence on foreign oil, if left unaddressed, will continue to weaken our economy and threaten our national security. I also believe that human activity is a contributing factor.

I am uncertain how much of the warming, however, is attributable to factors out of our control. And number two, I believe that humans contribute to that. I think humans contribute to that. It could be a little. Could be a lot. In October , Romney told an audience in Pittsburgh, Pa. Cap-and-trade is a market-based policy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

In this way, government establishes an environmental objective, and industry, through the marketplace, decides the most cost-effective way to achieve it. Obama long supported establishing a cap-and-trade system to reduce greenhouse gases. As a senator, Obama co-sponsored the and McCain-Lieberman Climate Stewardship bills, which would have created a national greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program.

While running for president in , Obama called for an 80 percent reduction of U. As president, Obama spoke favorably about the comprehensive climate and energy bill introduced by U.

Evaluating jobs plans and near-term fiscal impacts

Henry Waxman, D-Calif. Some supporters faulted the White House for giving higher priority to health care reform and financial market reforms [Lizza, Ryan. While governor of Massachusetts, Romney worked with several other northeastern governors to develop a regional greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program known as the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative RGGI. A few days before RGGI was to launch, however, Romney decided that Massachusetts would not join because the program did not include a limit on the price of greenhouse gas allowances [Beth Daley and Scott Helman.

And it is an energy tax that would have little or no effect on global warming. The federal government has set fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles cars and light-duty trucks for decades. From model years to , Congress raised fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles from Standards remained largely unchanged until enactment of the Energy Independence and Security Act of In April , as part of an agreement with major automakers, the Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency issued a joint regulation raising fuel economy standards for new passenger vehicles to A second rule proposed in November and expected to be finalized soon, would be the biggest step ever aimed at reducing U.

It would raise the fuel economy of the typical new car as much as 90 percent, to 50 mpg or more, by The standards, covering model years , are expected to reduce fuel consumption from those vehicles by 20 percent. Car Limits. Most regulation of pollution from stationary sources e.

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Many state environmental agencies have authority under state law to regulate pollution more strictly than EPA. In a decision, Massachusetts v. EPA , the Supreme Court ruled that EPA has authority under the Clean Air Act to regulate greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide, and required it to review the state of scientific knowledge to determine whether greenhouse gases, by contributing to climate change, endanger public health and welfare. The resulting Endangerment Finding , begun under the Bush administration and finalized under the Obama administration, triggered a series of subsequent steps by EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

Following the Endangerment Finding, EPA set greenhouse gas standards for new cars as discussed above and laid out a roadmap for regulating greenhouse gases from stationary sources such as power plants and factories. Under the BACT guidance, facilities are generally required to use the most energy-efficient technologies available, rather than install particular pollution control technologies. The proposal would limit greenhouse gases at a new power facility to the levels generated by a highly-efficient natural gas-burning plant, which emit fewer greenhouse gases than coal-burning plants, effectively preventing the construction of any new coal-burning plant that does not employ carbon capture-and-storage technology.

The standard is not expected to be finalized before the election. Romney announced plans to enforce a law to limit CO2 emissions from the six largest and oldest power plants in Massachusetts. Regulation under the Clean Air Act of non-greenhouse gas air pollutants, such as mercury, sulfur dioxide SO2 , and nitrogen oxides NOX , is expected to lead to the retirement of some older coal-burning power plants. Because they are likely to be replaced by natural gas-burning plants, which emit much less carbon dioxide per unit of electricity, these regulations are expected to result indirectly in significant CO2 reductions.

These air pollutants can cross state borders and make it harder for states downwind of polluting sources to maintain healthy levels of air quality. The rule was overturned in August by the U. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. As senator, Obama supported bills that would have established a national renewable energy standard. As a candidate for president in , Obama favored an RES of 25 percent by As president, Obama supported the Waxman-Markey climate bill, which included an efficiency and renewable electricity standard of 20 percent by As a presidential candidate, Romney has not taken an explicit position on a renewable energy standard or clean energy standard.

All sources of energy — fossil fuels, nuclear power, and renewable energy — receive some form of federal support, whether as a grant, loan, loan guarantee, or tax credit, and whether for research, development, demonstration, or deployment. Recent controversy has focused on the failure of some companies that received federal loan guarantees funded by the economic stimulus package, including the solar manufacturer Solyndra, in which the George Kaiser Family Foundation held a Public Lands , March 11, ]. Since , Interior has approved 31 utility-scale renewable energy projects that will produce nearly 6, MWs of power [ Renewable Energy Projects Approved Since the Beginning of Calendar Year , last updated August 7, ].

But the overall portfolio has been successful.

It has allowed us to help companies, for example, start advanced battery manufacturing here in the United States. The production tax credit for wind is due to expire at the end of As president, Mitt Romney will redirect clean energy spending towards basic research. It is struggling for lack of competitiveness. They did the opposite. Obama participated in the Copenhagen summit, where he pledged to reduce U.

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Two years later in Durban , U. Net imports of oil peaked in , and since then have declined from 60 percent to less than 50 percent of total U. Contributing factors include increased domestic production and reduced consumption due to vehicle fuel economy standards and renewable fuels. In , 52 percent of net imports came from OPEC countries, more than one-third from Canada and Mexico up more than 10 percent from , and the remainder from other countries.

Energy Information Administration projects net imports will fall to 36 percent of total U. The State Department is the federal agency with authority to approve the pipeline because it would cross the international border.

The joblessness crisis: Diagnosis and proposed cures

In November , following a series of protests against the proposed pipeline, the State Department decided to delay its decision until at least to allow for further environmental review. In response, congressional Republicans attached a provision to the payroll tax cut extension passed in December mandating that the Obama administration make a decision about Keystone XL within 60 days.

In March , Obama voiced support for expediting the southern portion of the Keystone XL pipeline to expand pipeline capacity to refineries, and invited TransCanada to resubmit its application for that portion of the pipeline [ Remarks by the President on American-Made Energy , March 22, ]. In July , TransCanada received a final U. Army Corps of Engineers permit to begin construction of the mile southern portion, which does not cross any international borders [ Washington Post , July 26, ].

Nuclear power provides about 20 percent of U. Nuclear energy is a source of carbon-free power but faces major challenges, including the lack of a repository for long-term disposal of radioactive waste. Yucca Mountain in Nevada was planned as the long-term disposal site for U. In September , then Sen. Obama described nuclear power as an important part of the U.

But he said the issues of nuclear security, waste storage and proliferation would need to be addressed before an expansion of nuclear power, and called for abandoning plans for Yucca Mountain. Obama also proposed tripling the loan guarantees available for nuclear power [ Remarks by the President on Energy in Lanham, Maryland , February 16, ]. Congress has since appropriated no funds for Yucca Mountain. admin