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Wendy has been working in the Shanghai office for several years. She is in charge of all the accounts, arranging the food and transport allowance and is also involved in allocating volunteers to their accommodation. Born and raised in Shanghai Lily is in charge of finding our volunteers comfortable flats to live in during their time in Shanghai. She is also a jack-of-all-trades and can fix anything from a blocked toilet to a broken light bulb! Lucy joined the Projects Abroad team in March Previously, Lucy worked as a website designer.

She is comfortable working in an English speaking environment and loves the diversity of different cultures. In her spare time, Lucy enjoys swimming, running and travelling. She was born in Xalapa, Mexico and now lives in Guadalajara. She studied psychology. In her free time she enjoys travelling and hopes to one day travel all around the world, meeting new people and experiencing other cultures. Do volunteer work abroad and become part of an ongoing effort to empower disadvantaged communities.

Tailor-made for volunteers over 50 who want to connect with others and make a difference in disadvantaged communities. Travel to China and get practical classroom experience helping children improve their English.


Enquire Now. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Price Calculator. Start Date. End Date. Apply Now. Choose a Duration. Choose a Start Date. I'll choose later. Choose a currency. Project Overview. Trip Format:. Project Name:. Start Dates:. Completely flexible dates. Minimum Duration:. Two Weeks. Placement Location:. Requirements :. Anyone aged 16 or over can join.

What's included in the price? What's not included? Flights Visa costs where applicable. Is teaching in China right for me? What will I do on the Teaching Project? You'll get involved in work such as: Teach English to children and make classroom learning fun Assist teachers with extracurricular activities such as music, sport, and art Work with teachers to prepare lessons with clear goals.

At your volunteer Teaching placement in China, your work will focus on the following areas: Improve the English levels of school children Your main role is teaching English in a kindergarten or school. Take the time to prepare lessons Every lesson needs a clear plan and a goal. Where will I be working in China? Your work day starts at 9am and ends between 4pm and 6pm, Monday to Friday. What are the aims and impact of this project? Measuring Our Impact Our projects work towards clear long-term goals, with specific annual objectives.

All the people, the teachers, the students, everyone, were incredibly nice and the teaching itself has been one of the most joyful experiences of my life. Michiel K. Volunteer Teaching English in China. Read the review.

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Read more Reviews. Volunteer review. Alex Prior. Find out more about our accommodation. Find out more about safety and backup. Meet the team in China. Accommodation Supervisor. Volunteer Coordinator. Jessica Pacheco. Volunteer in Asia. Volunteering in China. Volunteer Abroad. Volunteer Teaching Abroad.

Phone number. Please send me Projects Abroad's email newsletter and notification of upcoming events we never pass any information on to third parties. Decrement Increment. Children Ages reduced price. I have been teaching Biology for last 18 years. Its really great opportunity for the secondary school teachers to travel and learn for free. I would love to visit any place and learn for few weeks or months to help my students better.

Hi, I am fitriah and I am from Indonesia. I am an english teacher in Senior High school of Surabaya, Indonesia. I need information how to join in this program for travelling free and teaching with the other country. I would like to share my culture, knowledge and arts of Indonesia.

I am a hard working woman, and I am 44 years old. Fitriah, that is a beautiful start to your application! Information like that is exactly what those giving the money and scholarships want to hear! You would be a great asset to the programs you apply to. My advice is that you decide on what sounds interesting or important to you and then choosing the program that fits you best. Another option that is out there is to do a program with HEN. This stands for the Holocaust Educators Network. They are a wonderful group that deeply impacted my teaching and helped my grow deeply for my passion for social justice.

It happens to all of us! I am keen enthusiastic to learn the language learning program in foreign places. All you have to do is choose one of the programs that sound interesting to you and apply for it! Programs want to accept people who are willing to bravely share their story in the application process. They want applicants that have interesting backgrounds that will make their program more interesting and make this world a better place! Just do it. They might say yes to your application or they might say no to it. Good luck and happy travels!!

Be sure to look for deadline dates as you look at programs. All applications for this summer will be closed but maybe fall,winter, or next summer! Hi everyone, I am a teacher from Turkmenistan. I had been working at school for a pretty long time, teaching English as a foreign language to the Turkmen kids.

And I really want to find any opportunity abroad to grow professionally. I read this great article and became more enthusiastic to get the chance even to volunteer as a teacher assistant or free short courses for teachers or smth like that somewhere in Europe during summer holidays. Dear authors, could you please give me a piece of advise where to look for the above mentioned stuff? Thank you very much in advance.

I would be grateful for any tips. Attach, great news!! Kim has already done the hard work of finding the programs we can apply to and sharing them with us!

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All you have to do now is find one that you are interested in and learn more about it! Plug it in to google search or look at the links above. If you are willing to share your story and grow and learn and make this world a better place, many programs would love to have you join the team!! Believe in the best and just keep trying!! You can do it!! Just try. I am english teacher of Nepal. I am teaching here in community secondary school. I am intrested to visit english community so that i can learn culture and exposure of English language.

In this global era i think we should develop concept by understanding global theme and i am wandering an opportunity to visit so if any possibilty. I am a maths science teacher in private school punjab. I am a activity teacher also.. Hi, I had one question about the Earth Expeditions.

It says that financial aid is available. Did you receive funding from the university? Hi Jennie — Financial aid is built into the cost of the program. Meaning, programs are listed as costing much less than they actually do. It is worth reaching out to the program directly. Dear Lillie, Thank you so much for this amazing blog of yours. Teachers like me must be feeling blessed to find such an exciting information. I am an English teacher who has been teaching the 12th grade for the past nine years. I love teaching and it has been my greatest passion ever.

I always wanted to travel the world and explore exciting things which could enhance my teaching. Since I am from Bhutan, a very small country, do you think I can fulfill the criteria and my dreams of travelling? I would be obliged if you could feed me with some valuable information. I want to impact the society with what ever knowledge I have and learn at the same time. Hi Bina, Thanks for your kind words and for reading! I wish you best of luck finding a great opportunity!

Bina, you can do it!!! Just apply!! Could you help me or at least tell me where I could search. I do have my penetrating desire to experience the opportunity to be a part of global teachin and learning experience. I am trained primary teacher with 20 years of experience from India, and never done any work outside India. Are there summer courses or travel courses for a week or two in USA or any other country i can attend?

I am a licensed professional teacher and had experience in teaching. Hi, I am from Nepal with 13 years teaching experience in computer science for higher secondary and college level. I also have done done several training for school level teaching and college level teaching. Now I wish to get participated and attachment with this portal. I am Tanzanian and have been working as a science teacher for the past five years, I am looking for career development opportunity on technology applying on the subject matter as well as cross culture teaching experience, hopeful to get a hand on this.

Thank you in advance. I am a professional teacher and skillful teacher. I want to travel abroad to give something and to gain something after traveling there. I am Ajayi Z. Oluwasina by name , i want to travei abroad to teach. How would i go about it?. I have 10years experience in teaching of biology and chemistry. If given the privilege, i will do the best thing that I can do to help educating young age to implant in there heart and mind the sense of humanhood and patriotism.

I would love to travelling teaching. I have been inspired by your post. I am an educational college teacher where teachers are trained and skilled for teaching learning process. I want to enhance my capacity building in having modern ways and methods of teaching, exchanging cultural norms and values and ideas sharing regarding education system if I could get a change in any foreign country in this summer vacation immediately.

How could it be started free of cost? Given your described interest, I think the Distinguished Award in Teaching Fulbright may be a good fit. I want to have a teaching travelling opportunity with your assistance Please reply me with how we can make this possible. I think it might be a great way to incorporate global education into your classroom. These Spaniards already have a command of English and simply want an immersion experience in English where they can practice with Anglos from all around the world. English volunteers simply need to get themselves to Madrid- after that, all expenses great lodging, great meals, etc are taken care of.

Go to diverbo. Also, they have a program in the Black Forest of Germany. Check it out! Sorry for the late reply! Good Day , I love your posts. I am montessori trained from Nigeria, and never done any work outside Nigeria. Are there summer courses or travel courses for a week or two inUSA i can attend? Just Google teacher travel […]. I have been reading up on your posts and all of the comments from teachers around the world and it is all grabbing my attention!

I am a 21 year old student teaching preschool in the US but going to school for elementary education. I am not sure when or where I would like to go, but I am so interested in doing a volunteer opportunity out of the country that could give me field experience in teaching and help me begin my career! I would love to assist and teach children in another country and learn all about the culture of that area and more.

Are there ANY volunteer opportunities for a beginner like me? Any tips would be appreciated!! So,how to go about it. India is frequently a partner country for this program. Can you please refer some opportunities that you are aware of? But most of the ones open to K teachers above are 2 weeks other than Fulbright. I am a secondary Math teacher and would love to travel and see what is going on in classrooms around the world.

Do you know of any organizations that combine travel opportunities along with graduate credits? I want to achieve experience in abroad to better teaching practices for my classrooms. Have any opportunities for me? If there have any opportunities for me kindly please suggest me.

China Paid Teaching with TEFL | Real Gap Experience

I also have experience in teaching and working with children in India. Is there any program that will help me with this? I would like to be there for at least one month during my vacation. My other thoughts, especially if you are interested in working with students outdoors, would be to reach out to summer camps in an area you want to travel. Camps often hire international staff. Then network with former staff through social media, linkedin, etc. I am looking for a teaching abroad experience that will focus on culture, fitness, and education.

Is there anything out there that you know of? I did my student teaching in the UK, and would like to learn and expand my knowledge once again! Your help is greatly appreciated. Hi Morgan — Many of the programs listed above are open to both physical education and social studies teachers. I think they would be worth clicking to see if anything seems interesting — some involve teaching, but most are more curriculum development. The Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching includes teaching and designing your own inquiry project. That is the only program above that you could cater to focus on your interests in culture, fitness, and education.

I know there are some other great articles through this blog on teaching abroad. From my circle of teaching friends, many have had great luck going to teach in the UAE for long or short term time periods. Hi Kim! Just stumbled upon this! Some great leads as I am researching possible ways to travel. My brother in law also teaches in Weston too- at the middle school! Small world! Thanks for sharing your experiences! I also have experience in teaching and working with children in Nepal.

Hi Mahenddra — While most of the programs I know of are for US teachers, it may be worth asking the programs if they would accept a teacher from Nepal, or they may be able to connect you with a program that would. I think this would be a good area to prioritize looking. Good luck! Nepal has been on my list of places I want to visit for over ten years! Authentic fieldwork is designed for educators so they can bring that experience back to their classrooms and assist in the development of curriculum related to human exploration of remote and extreme environments.

Participants are active members of research teams. I have a friend who is a teacher and a Mexican citizen. Thank you! Hi Polly, I am still answering questions on this post! It is great to see that teachers remain strongly interested in traveling. The first one that comes to mind is the Fulbright DA program. Greetings, A group of us , each with either a Masters in Language, Mexican History, Sustainable Tourism and Teaching are looking to start a summer abroad program for educators. I have done Master Degree in Major English form an Uni based in kathmandu and would like to support some peoples if i got chance.

H Kim thank you for sharing your experiences and the karma you are sending out to create awareness …that can only come from goodness of your selfless heart :. Do you know of any programs out there meant for Early Years teachers aside from K grade level? Thanks a,. Unfortunately, I do not know of any programs focused on the early years. If I ever come across some, I will post here :. You had a wealth of knowledge when we talked in Thailand.

Thanks for all the ideas. Hope all is well! Hello, I am a science teacher from Ghana , I would be happy to attend fully funded teaching and learning seminars to better my lesson plan for the benefit of my students. Can you be of help? Hi Kim, I am a teacher in CA middle school but have taught all grades. I would love to live overseas this summer and teach part time — perhaps be part of a program that sponsors teachers. I am interested in any country, Although, I would love to be in Europe.

China Life! Foreign English Teacher Apartment Tour

I speak Spanish. I am very interested in Scandinavian schools. I was in the Peace Corps so I very flexible. I can teach writing to anyone in any language and I combine mindfulness and art. Also, I am open to 6 month — year long programs…teaching abroad…. I did the Japan Fullbright — 4 weeks during the school year…that was fun.. Have I said enough?! This is a great way for international teachers to travel and learn. For more info:. This is Anil kumar from India.

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I have 3 years of teaching experience in biology and science subjects. I am non-native speaker, but I want to go abroad for teaching. Is any opportunity is there for Indian teacher? Give some guidance. If there is any program or possibility to teach there kindly let me know soon. I want to attend seminars or workshops in science so that I can be updated with latest advancements in technology and also to develop better lesson plans for students.

Kindly let me know of any possibility there in united States. Regards Preeti sharma Proud to be a teacher cum facilitator. Hi Anil, I just saw this posted on FB yesterday. Hello there! Its really great idea for the teachers to travel and learn for free. Well I too have humble dream of visiting English native speaker school to learn more about teaching of English. Dear All there, I am a science teacher working in India for last 5 years. I am interested in joining some internship , training program on education and technology.

I am interested to teach for exchange programs in U. If possible than let me know. Hi Tenzin, I recommend going to this website and searching based on your home country to see programs that might be available to you. Is there any programme that will help me with this? To travel from the US to India? I would like to be there for atleast 3 months.

Really I appreciate your feelings and nice ideas you have about teaching in rural areas of India. They will guide you how to teach in rural areas. Hello Kiran! I was wondering if you can give us a hand with English if you so, please contact me at Gezimsuka tecnologicocoredi. I am planning to teach research to nursing students in Uganda in January Nursing students there have not been exposed to nursing research and are not familiar with evidence based practice. Where can I look for funding for this project?

Thank you for your interest, Cheryl A. Hi Cheryl, What a fascinating and worthwhile project! Best of luck! Hi Cheryl — Have you reached out to local service organizations? A Ugandan restaurant in the area? The funding support is often small, but the combined impact of a couple of small donations can sometimes help. I often then present at the organizations once I return, leading to further networking connections.

Vietnam was added to this program last year. If possible, attend one of these workshops — people running the workshops might know more about applying to the Fulbright programs. Some of the fieldwork is in the United States. However, regardless of the fieldwork site location, you will be collaborating with teachers from the United States. Hi I am a school teacher as well as block resource person in dept. How do I get started? In the past, this program has partnered with teachers in India.

Hi Megan! They may give some good ideas or contacts for you. This is awesome info! I student taught abroad when I was at Miami University of Ohio. I think the above article says University of Miami of Ohio. Lillie and Kim what an amazing read! Thank you for your post. I too, a teacher for the past 17 years have the travel bug, along with a great intellectual curiosity and a deep love of learning about everything! People, places, cultures and more…but never enough money to make deeply meaningful travel happen:.

So, like you, Kim, I started taking the initiative to research opportunities over the past 5 or so years, and have been lucky enough to have been awarded a couple life-changing experiences, one of them this past summer to India, no less, through IREX. I would love to take that next step as well as continuing to travel of course. Sorry for the delayed response, but you know how grading always gets in the way!

I find speaking opportunities much in the same way I find travel opportunities. I search the internet, Facebook, and carefully read listerve posts for conferences and organizations that are interested in promoting global education. I then reach out to them formally through a conference proposal or informally through email to see if there is a common interest. I explore opportunities from the local to international scale and find, one thing always lead to another. I know everyone has a different local context. I try to avoid presenting at faculty meetings. I also always sign-up for chances to contribute to the district website or professional development days.

Many of these organizations also host online resource guides. More formally, I apply to present at many national and regional conferences. I use the same tips for writing conference proposals as I do travel applications. I also continue to foster professional relationships with the directors of the travel programs I have done.

When speaking to teachers, I try to balance content and pedagogy. My greatest challenge has been gaging the prior knowledge of my audience. How much do they know about the region I am presenting about? How much do they know about global competency frameworks? I give them sticky dots and have them place where they are on a spectrum of key statements.

A quick word on funding — I have been able to get funding to present at conferences as an alumni of the programs I have participated in. One of the great things about International Education Week is that it is online—let me know if you are interested in collaborating on doing something!

Do we actually know each other already? I think I traveled with a Sandra Brown five years ago or so in Oaxaca? No: Have not yet been there. In a word, yes! I would be delighted and eternally grateful to be able to learn from, and collaborate with you Kim. What a generous offer.

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  4. Many many thanks. A I would like to submit a proposal or two to present at a conference. Baby steps I know for many, but for me it was enlightening!!


    And for the entire summer? Or family goes with you? I normally travel with groups of other teachers, and then sometimes go off on my own, with a couple of teachers, or with family after a grant experience. If I could go the whole summer, I would! It varies year to year. Some summers its only three weeks, others its eight. There for I surport that idea of travelling during summer. It is fantastic.

    With all programmes stated in this e-mail, is it all that any Nigeria Educationists can apply for?. Thanks in anticipation for your concern. I need more of this. Here is something I came across that may help bolster your resume for a traveling program:. American English Webinar Series 2 see attachment The 6 online seminars of the course cover a variety of topics and are intended for teachers of English or future teachers of English around the world.

    Participants who attend 4 out of the 6 webinars will receive e-certificates. Each minute webinar will be held every other Wednesday at a. Some that come to mind would be the Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching program currently not in Nigeria, but could be in the future or the international teacher component of TGC international locations vary year to year. Hi Kim and Lillie! What a great resource! I was so excited to see Earth Expeditions as one of your recommendations. They were truly life-changing experiences.

    After graduation, I was chosen as a facilitator and had the pleasure of teaching the one of the Belize Earth Expedition courses this year. It was awesome! I was wondering if I could get some advice. Would you be able to offer any tips on how to make your application stand out? I am a Spanish teacher and very interested in including conservation and environmental topics and issues into my Spanish classes.

    Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! Hi Leah, Great question. Here are some tips:. Speak their language. When writing applications, I try to use the language of the organization I am applying to as much as possible.

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