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But how do I, as a white man, fully empathize with black Americans? Can I? It may be easy to dismiss a notion that one must come from these origins — being black, being the underclass — to fully connect with that underclass- but in trying to avoid being a white man marching, how do you account for your own privilege when addressing these issues? I suppose this question might only come up if you are addressing the members of the underclass that you write about, but have you done that?

Do you know how they would react to you? Would their derision at your outrage to this injustice, at not being a member of their cohort, silence you? Do you control the white community and its excesses or failures, or speak for its hypocrises? Black-on-white violence is actually extremely rare in the United States.

The vast majority of violent crime is intraracial, so much so that while I live in a majority black city, my chance of being killed is no greater than if I lived in Omaha, Nebraska. I know because I ran the figures. My chance of being killed by a black assailant in Baltimore is miniscule. So, the actual threat is vastly overstated by white fears. As to who I speak for, I speak for me. You mistake me in every sense if you think so. I am speaking for me , for what this kind of behavior does to my soul and spirit, as an American.

Why do you, once again, feel the need to create imagined racial allegiances in my mind? No one is speaking for anyone or can — unless others have assigned that person the privilege. Elites utilize their power and money to skirt the law and burden the majority of U. The BILL in this case is the sanctity of life is waning. Zimmerman as the tape links above detail — did some shaky stuff. A witness stated that when he worked with GZ, the air of tranquility also was waning. That GZ would do whatever it took to please the crowd, including abusing a middle eastern male ad hoc.

Though GZ said on the that Trayvon looked like he was reaching into his belt; it is just as feasible that he was trying to make up a reason to use his gun — as it is to say GZ felt he had to do so. I do believe that Martin was racially profiled, and that an illegal homicide took place. I think you can argue, successfully, that racial inequality exists in the U. Could be that white Americans who feel they need concessions from the black community simply need to practice some introspection and realize their own biases.

And in no way am I saying that the black community needs to realize its own faults before this case of Trayvon Martin being killed is discussed as a legitimate grievance. As far as speaking for black people — I agree that you are speaking for yourself, and did not intend to say otherwise. Perhaps this question is superfluous to the conversation that you are having. This conversation about race that is taking place in your blog — it changes as it moves to the street, to the office, to the water cooler. It becomes less about Trayvon Martin and more about the inherent biases most people carry with them.

And this may also be superfluous to your conversation. Simon has pointed out several times — people keep ignoring the existence of the black middle class. Blacks are not an economic or cultural monolith. Sure, there are shared stories and experiences, and sometimes the vertical identity of blackness can create a bond where no other exists. So the stereotypes prevail. That would be my guess. I once heard a reformed Aryan Nation recruiter speak when I was in college.

People in the audience asked him how he thinks he came to be so deeply prejudiced. One of the first things he said is that he lived in a place where everyone looked like him and thought like him. I think that unfortunately describes many places in America. Where it goes after that is subject to many different variables. I am a white male several years removed from college. I think the greatest part of my education growing up was being the minority in every school I attended — the super minority, K — admittedly, most of this thanks to busing. The academically enriched programs were established at inner city schools.

Regardless, the consequence of this arrangement was a blessing for me. I was exposed to multiple cultures and perspectives from a very early age.

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My first girlfriend was Asian. My first best friend in grade school was Black. From an early age, diversity was natural. To the supposedly better schools. I think a big key here may be busing. I was not trying to say that all black people are from the ghetto. Your comments are noted. However I see a pattern almost everywhere in society as well where women are generally more empathetic, open minded and welcoming of others points of view. Is the fact that there are so few women in positions of power why progress toward a more progressive society has been painstakingly slow?

The two are not necessarily in harness. You may have a point. Words matter. And vice versa. If I call my best mate a man of colour a black bastard who should get back into the jungle would that automatically make me a racist? If he calls me a honky motherfucker in return would that make him a racist? What about black men calling each other nigger? There is contextual setting as well to consider. Flip it around, can somebody who is a black belt PC ninja who is extremely careful and clever over their word usage ever be a racist?

Of course they can — they just hide it better. I doubt anyone is listening to your conversations with your buddies trying to figure out whether you are a racist. The above scenario is real. I used to go to a gym in England and the gym owner, John, used to call Jack a fucking black bastard all the time. Meanwhile, they go to the pub together as best mates. Was Jack a racist, yeah probably, but his best mate was a black man.

Figure that out. We may have been buddies, but we could never really be friends, in the deepest, truest sense of the word. The candor was appreciated, though, because I knew where I stood, and I knew how much or little to invest in our relationship. Would enjoy a legitimate debate between a panel with Katt Williams on one side of the dais and Bill Cosby on the other. Even if I met all of the old gang today — we would all be wise enough to re hash old memories and do routines long forgotten — totally out of ear shot of anyone else.

My best friend now is Vietnamese and very short, he calls me fat f—- and I call him liddle frkr in our texts —. Free speech is free speech. Our society is way out of balance with valuing the masculine over the feminine. A very bright southern bell who dated myself and someone in the CIA at the same time — said something to me that has never left to this day. Girls have all the sweetness in the world and their portion of the money.

First of all, I deliberately said masculine vs. We all carry these traits to differing degrees. If this is how you truly feel, then you need to interact with more people. Misogyny is no less disgusting than racism. Same as Mr. And — once again — you seek to cater to the crowd, pander, look down upon me with a holier than thou mindset; whilst utilizing half baked rebuttals incongruously placing words in my mouth and thoughts in my mind.

I said a woman said something that has stuck with me to this day. Rather it is a foundation of questions that beg. Many people myself included believe that the world would indeed be a better place if there were more women at the helm in business, politics, technology and many other fields. Women do have the qualities you mentioned in greater abundance than men and we are also more likely to be better listeners, seek consensus, multitask effectively and much more. Anecdotally though, it does seem to be the case that women are more tolerant overall than men.

In my experience, men are more rigid while women are more flexible. And neither struggle is completely over. No matter how much some people want to sweep things like this under the rug, there is still much to do. A woman who reads this blog actually pinged me on Twitter to say how nice it was for her to read a female voice here. She lives in Texas, she told me, but I would guess there are many other places around the country where this is true. To me, this is deeply troubling.

A Blind Eye - Book Trailer

Alas, it seems to be somewhat common, as our low voter turnout rates and other stats tell us. Hello fellow female. Concur, on all points. Probably true of many places, not just TX though. Especially in traditionally patriarchal societies like mine. As an example, my wife became a US citizen in , could and should have voted in subsequent elections including the big one in I kept asking her to, she never did. I became a citizen last year, voted in Nov and she went along with me to vote.

My mother is the same way. You opted out — suck it up. Politically Incorrect. Hence — intelligent women, willing to be corrupt — can advance themselves more readily. At the same time Mr. If the roles were reversed and Zimmerman a son of a judge — was dead on the ground — only the incongruous would dare argue that non-white Trayvon would have gotten the same — rush to not guilty SYG reaction by the Sanford Police who already had a history of bad faith abuses of non-whites.

We, Americans and the human race are constantly in a flux of arrested human development; due to our bias and class consciousness. On the rest of you post, you have me baffled. Movies imitate life and are more surreal than your biased haughtier is willing to give them credit for. DOJ dot Gov….. Being that your disconnection seeks first to find fault and put down — instead of legitimate discussion about what society is doing;. If you insert Hitler as GZ and a dead yiddish youth on the ground — imagine the uproar and call for lynching. WE tends to be the side of the prominent bully of the given moment.

Instead of having a legitimate discussion on the issues at hand — whilst also trying to seek a solution. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians. I promise, No touching. We can talk about newspaper paywalls. Though, hell, why not? Obama is a liar. Worse — way worse — then Dubya.

If not — then read the new book by Washington D. Every job is a role. It comes with assumed responsibilities to fulfiil the role — regardless of the written job specification. At the moment, the role of the united stasis of america president is to continue along the same path the previous incumbents filled — with no wriggle room. At this stage — America is run by corporations. The only difference between presidents is the rhetoric employed to get that job done. The job is to put the people to sleep. No more no less. At this stage, you can put Jo Bloggs from the local neighbourhood bar in charge of the presidency and the same results will accrue.

The system is on a one-way track down a spiral staircase. It all ends the same. Obama is just another puppet of the regime. Bradley Manning springs to mind. They can run things and receive the glory and wealth of Alvaraz — as long as they never interfere with the real Puppet Masters.

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  8. In all probability even Mr. For real? I will say it is a pleasure to be able to put forth my bullshit, and have it slapped down en-masse by the posters on this site. My friends have no interest in politics — how I envy them! Their lives revolve around the outcome of the All Blacks last game — jeezus, can you imagine how sweet life would be if you could live like that?

    Haha, we win everything. Oh well, back to watching a video about how Obama lies. And he does…lots. I was hoping with the screen name to jog your memory from 45 years ago. I am a year older than you. I went to Rosemary Hills Elementary. Very different from Rosemary Hills. I also think that you probably had a realization of differences in income levels as far back as elementary school. I know I did. The real impact of strictly racial disparities really hit me when I lived in Chicago for several years. Rosemary Hills had Summit Hill and the black community off Brookeville in its catchment area.

    Yeah, it was a little corner of Montgomery County that actually had real income disparity and even pockets of poverty. But you know what? Having gone to Monkey Hills instead of Kensington or Leland, I always felt a little more at ease walking into a room where I was in a minority than some of the Chevy Chase and Bethesda kids, or at least it sometimes seemed that way. Not that Baltimore was our little corner of Silver Spring, just that a certain amount of pluralism was, well, ordinary.

    But I think many other people feel differently. My mother-in-law, who is white, Polish and Catholic, once expressed discomfort going to a hospital that was in a black area to see her doctor. Basically she was usually the only white person in the waiting room. Now, she grew up poor, but I guess it was still a white, poor area. What she was expressing, I think, was simply that need to feel that you belong and many people feel ill at ease when they figure they stand out and everyone is looking at them.

    Only the risk and threat to a grown-man, armed with a gun. Okay, now I had to go do some research. I have some disdain for Wikipedia; but love the links and the fact that they permanently archive items that are changed. One strict and one broad. Thus I concur with Mr. The lack of empathy overall is astounding when it comes to racial issues.

    What no one wants to believe is that maybe the road was just a little bit or a lot easier for them than for the guy on the other side of town. There is, for example, a lot of racism in the Soviet immigrant community of which I am technically a member although I really consider myself American at this point. I have heard people say that they came here with nothing as immigrants and in the space of 5 or 10 years, they had a house, a job cars, vacations, etc. Maybe it was attending a multi-cultural urban campus for college where there was a record number of kids who were the first in their families to go to college.

    Maybe it was becoming a journalist and learning to examine issues and events from every possible angle. But mostly I think I try very hard to keep an open mind and understand that MY reality may not be the same as that of other people. It is interesting you bring up the inherent racism in your community. I have observed many such instances of overt racism in the Indian immigrant community, both in thought and speech but one from a few months ago is the most vivid because of chronology so I wanted to share it.

    Since I was sitting on the couch my head buried in my phone and clearly bored out of my head a well intentioned late 30 something or early 40 something gentleman henceforth referred to as WIG, short for well intentioned gentleman joined me and started making small talk.. Winters are mild.. As I thought about that incident a few things stuck out to me. As in people he considers to be like and superior to his own kind. That is not surprising because many Indians think that. He genuinely believed what he was saying because nobody ever corrected his line of thinking.

    He didnt understand why I just picked up my drink and walked away from that spot, and that may have been my biggest mistake. Not explaining to him why I reacted the way I did. I love this story. It just goes to show you how blind even well-intentioned people can be to their own bias. Step out of your insular bubble and look what happens. But do I feel that a white person could ever see the world the way I do?

    Please note I am not saying that all white people lack empathy. Can they? It may be that this is my own particular hang-up and I am completely wrong. I wish someone could convince me! Then again this country is built on passing the buck and non-accountability so there you go. The only thing we can do is just strive for perfection and improving on ourselves.

    I could care less about trying to fit into the bogus rules this twisted society forces upon you daily. There are many times that Mr. There are those of U. Caucasians who do get a sense of what you say you feel. It is not just a black thing — ONLY. You may try to enforce a double standard; but it is not prudent to do so. How dark skin or not, we would duck in the subway to vanish when a patrol car looked as if it might turn around. Zimmerman and those that think what he did is okay, demonstrates that America still has a racial equality problem.

    This is one thing that Mr. Simon and I concur upon. What I look forward to not likely to transpire in our lifetime — is the Morgan Freeman philosophy premise. The odds are dumbfounding — and the fact it purportedly happened a week ago without any mention is mind-boggling at best. I;ve seen enough circumstantial to have reasonable cause for concern.

    It will be months before we know and Clear Channel Communications will be putting forth many propaganda stories to the contrary; but the Feds could so do — if they so choose — a Hate Crime trial. One thing for sure — the Feds will not be any where near as sloppy as the local prosecution was…. Given that there are absolutely no witnesses and not one recorded incident of Zimmerman even whispering any racial epithets, how would one go about proving a hate crime took place? The profiling is indicative of a racial bias that underlies the confrontation, but there is no evidence that Mr.

    Zimmerman is an overt racist or. Martin as a hate crime. This I do not believe and this I do not think can be proven.

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    The standard for a criminal conviction of Hate Crimes varies from state to state. Elements of the offense consist of purpose, knowledge, recklessness, or criminal negligence. Thus a guy who makes racial slurs about Asians always, cannot have such entered into evidence in an assault upon a Latino. The federal standard would apply in a federal case. This would be the jurisdiction of a U. District Court in Florida operating under the U. It is a criminal action only. A civil action is just that, a civil action.

    It has nothing to do with federal prosecutors or the Department of Justice. It is something that Mr. You have seemingly conflated the two. The federales would have nothing whatsoever to do with a civil action.

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    They are in it to see only whether there is a civil rights violation under the U. If we are having a discussion, maybe it would be prudent to lay all our credentials on the table — so that nothing may be misconstrued. Did not even graduate HS and failed English. The results of which has been that several law firms have closed, people were promoted off their judicial benches, DOJ personnel have resigned or been promoted and many a fraudster is hearing a clank every morning and nite — to their CELL of living not their phones.

    The part of the code that you cite involves civil actions for discriminatory practices by the U. Those civil actions are for systemic unconstitutional violations. With regard to the shooting of one individual by another — absent an organizational or systemic issue of law — they do not bring civil actions against individuals. That is for the family of Trayvon Martin to consider, using its own resources. The threshold for this case will be criminal or nothing for the federal government.

    Now then, the civil rights division could come to the conclusion that SYG laws constitute a systemic deprivation of the civil rights of a minority class and that they should be challenged on constitutional grounds. They could bring a civil action against the state of Florida and take that into the federal courts. Just as they can challenge discriminatory school segregation or the use of federal funds in a discriminatory way, or such.

    To my understanding of my remarks and your reply, you are the only one speaking of lynching anyone. That is your ridiculous hyperbole. And the fact that Mr. Zimmerman was found not guilty of no crimes is the problem, not the mitigation for our justice system.

    A Blind Eye: Simon Webster's First Fiasco

    But what about personal responsibility and accountability? What roles do they play? My great grandfather was extremely poor and immigrated to the United States to create a better life for himself. Little to no education. Worked low-paying jobs for many years and fought as hard as he could to get out of it and provide what he could for his family. He never developed a drug problem.

    He never took a dime from anyone. He was never arrested. He took care of the little property he owned. He accepted his responsibilities. To what extent does being dealt a shitty hand in life discharge humans of their basic responsibilities? Can we now not judge each individual person by the choices they make, simply because they had a different starting point than us? Congratuations, Mr.

    Gordie, you just stereotyped the black underclass in America, of which Trayvon Martin was not a member. Yes there are pathologies to being poor and black in America, and yes indeed everyone is responsible for their decision-making. Citing one and denying the other would be foolish for me as it is for you.

    In fact, both are true and non-contradictory. First, you might look up some data on the black experience in America before you continue to generalize in racial terms about African-Americans. Actually the last few generations — the first in which overt legal, institutional racism has not been undertaken against that community, as it was not undertaken for your great grandfather or my grandparents who immigrated willingly to this country — has witnessed the extraordinary creation of a vibrant black middle class that stands in direct opposition to your stereotypes. Martin was not actually a part of the underclass in America, though you have apparently tarred him with such based purely on race.

    He had the misfortune of being a black teenager in a hoodie when a frustrated George Zimmerman emerged from his house with a gun, looking to punish nameless punks for crimes in his neighborhood. But leaving the irrelevance of your complaint about the black underclass aside with regard to Mr. In it you will find systemic arguments against much or our urban policy, but the drug war especially. You will find a construct by which young men are being raised not for an America other than your own, and for whom our economic structure has no viable use.

    That said, you will also find critiques of personal faithlessness and failure on the part of some individuals, and heroic resistance to marginalization by others. It is a book about people living in a specific corner of our country and it is human in scale, not a function of preconceived stereotype. But again, it acknowledges both the systemic and the personal in the equation.

    You seem to only want to live on one side of the equation. Both things can be — and are — true. And neither obviates the other. There are systemic realities that come with being poor and minority in America — of which racial profiling and stereotyping is one — and they are demonstrable and profound. And there is also an essential component of personal responsibility that is necessary, but not guaranteed, to allow individuals escape those realities. Can you acknowledge both? Inner city plights are what they are.

    A father from another country, being hard pressed in America is also a common story. If you are a minority youth in Baltimore, Pollack Johnnies is not rushing to hire you I miss that place. You are subjected to a system that says it has your best interest at heart and all is equal; but your intelligence tells you otherwise as your read between the lines and the B.

    It is that same intelligence that takes the path of least resistance into a drug — or other culture. For, if gangs are the way in your hood; just saying no is not that simple an option that B Bush could never F—-n understand. You take the extraordinary risks; because of its exceptional gains. Then, one day, I said no.

    Being offered a chance to get into organized crime, a place where you are rewarded up the ranks for your ability to earn, provide and be loyal; I said NO because of the potential harm to innocents in carrying out an order. We are all serving the oppressors — except when we unite to stop permitting certain reaches of their oppression from being overbearing upon U. Correctly the SYG and this pathetic result is our chance; simply due to the fact that oppressors wish and we wish not.

    If you grew up, Gordie, in urbane plight, then you have earned the right to ask the stereotypical questions. More on the systemic side of the equation today. When as black youth is jacked up by a vigilante who has just gotten off the phone complain about punks who always get away with it, there are distinct racial implications.

    This young man was profiled and without legitimate P. There is no evidence to support that. DO NOT bring it up as a means of limiting discussion about this tragedy. Because that is intellectually dishonest. I care more about the many, many people killed every day and that will continue to be killed every day then one case that may or may not have been in self defense. What I hear is this one case is more important to everyone because it was a white guy shooting a black guy. The number for young white males: 1 in But black America knows different, and hell, even the law enforcement community knows different.

    You however are doing quite well with your head in the sand. Not buying. Really, John?

    Doubling down

    Send me the cites. Am I supposed to believe that this is all fake and the only truth is the truth you say? Even though nobody for sure knows. He had a problem with punks, and I think he was wrong to confront Trayvon even if he was a criminal. Also, are you saying that it was witnessed that Zimmerman confronted Trayvon with the gun already out?

    I posted some stuff to the Chicago Tribune once but I would love to talk more about that. What we have not learned is to discern between unarmed teenagers and criminals; not when they foster a first impression that by dint of wearing a hooded sweatshirt, they are thugs from the darkest corners of the inner city. But the dynamic by which that minor was profiled, confronted and killed contains a fundamental racial element that all African-Americans and many white Americans recognize.

    Tellingly, Scott was charged with manslaughter right away by New York authorities. Of course, also in that case it was acknowledged that Cervini was actuall engaged in a crime on-view, and that Scott openly displayed the weapon, warned the youths and told them to remain where they were while he attempted to call police. And for all of that which differs from this botched Florida fiasco, yes, I would have voted to convict Scott of manslaughter if I were on that jury. What a jury will do a jury will do, and if the case in Florida had been functional, and prosecuted under a plausible self-defense statute rather than the barbarism of SYG, I would certainly be more sanguine with the result than I am.

    No problem addressing your concerns should you wish to do so without using those concerns to prevent or inhibit a discussion about what happened in Sanford, Florida. I just meant more like this where there is a public forum with a lot of people contributing. I have watched the wire. I have not read The Corner yet though.

    I changed my mind about a lot of things after I read The Corner. Still with the racism? We do not know if he approached Martin aggressively or he truly was looking for the street sign and Martin approached him at that point. Your belief that there were racial motives has no proof whatsoever. And how do you know what would have happened if Martin had shot Zimmerman? Sanford is not exactly New York. There was no reason to determine whether or not Martin was armed.

    According to him, he did not brandish his weapon, nor fear that Martin was armed. Jeantel would put it. How was Zimmerman supposed to distinguish between a regular fight in which he was bested and a life threatening beating? All that said, I disagree completely with SYG laws. That is why I was glad to see Zimmerman did not go that route for his defense, even though unfortunately the judge ultimately included it in her instructions.

    As far as the Scott case, it is appalling that he was not convicted. He exited his home with his weapon drawn, against 3 unarmed teens that were stealing from unlocked cars. Stealing items of small value should not see someone facing down the barrel of a gun from anyone without a badge. It has some similarities with the Zimmerman case, but he was arrested because he was unharmed and there were witnesses credible or not that said Christopher did not charge him.

    This, along with the fact that NY has no SYG laws to use as a crutch, makes it even more surprising that he was not convicted. Walking in a residential neighborhood — even in the rain! And you are allowed to walk in a fucking neighborhood without introducing yourself to George Zimmerman. I have walked in the rain as a teenager many a night. And in the rain, I put up my hoody. And I was not known to all who saw me.

    And in my life I was never approached and asked to state my business. One in three. How many young white males self-report same: One in nineteen. And as he is not actually a cop, but an untrained and emotional wannabe as indicated from his call to the dispatcher, his ability to discern actual probable cause from his own entitled sense of what a thug looks like has a racial component. Because you have no fucking clue. And the absence of Mr. We are generations into the civil rights movement now in this country. We have learned to code our racial stereotypes, to avoid the most egregious and overt displays of racial fear and loathing.

    But if you think a white teenager in a hoody is suspectible to the same level of attention, you are arguing with blinders on, ignoring the systemic and praying to god that no one makes you abandon your self-enforced myopias and look at a big picture for even half a moment.

    Martin had carried a gun to that altercation and shot an unarmed Mr. Zimmerman, and Mr. Zimmerman had one singular scratch on a knuckle and Mr. Martin had minor injuries consistent with one singular blow and an abrasion to the back of the head from a single fall, and Mr. Martin was seen to be losing the fight when he killed his assailant, here is the scenario that would be brought into court: Mr.

    Zimmerman approached a black youth in his neighborhood who was clearly up to no good, else why would he have a gun! He asked some questions and because the black youth was up to no good a fight ensued, and indeed perhaps Mr. Martin produced the gun. Zimmerman fought for his life and lost. Murder, first-degree. Tellingly, the state asked if the jury could be allowed in jury instructions to consider SYG in the converse, if the jury believed that Mr. Zimmerman began the physical confrontation that they could consider that Mr. Martin was then standing his ground with his fists.

    No, they were denied that motion. This is notable in light of your pretend scenario. He wanted a jury. And b He knew he was going to get SYG as the standard in the case anyway at the point of jury instruction. I used to work in the jail and blacks were definitely the majority where I worked. There were already attempted robberies in the area so he was suspicious.

    I have plenty of black people around my area and I see them walking around. I do agree on that point. We are all Americans. Nonetheless, we can endure that much racial stigmatization without collapsing into farce and tragedy. Zimmerman does after his first impression that leads to this death. At this time, it is more plausible. I would assume it is a lot more common to have one over the other.

    Also, if I was a cop and saw a white dude driving slowly down a road where there were already a few attempts to attack women, I would pull them over. I hope you would have a reason to pull them over. Broken tail light, improper lane change. And then, as you were stroking them a ticket, I hope that you managed to find some P. Or, since you have such definitive ideas about police work and how our constitution works, you could just do what Mr.

    Zimmerman did and jack up people because of how you think they look. Police work is only easy in a police state. A good cop understands this. Zimmerman did not. You seem to think race is perogative enough, and you are wrong. All that has been said about why Mr. Zimmerman had interest in Mr. Martin is insufficient for probable cause. You want it to be one way, but it is the other way under the law. At no point do we have any kind of evidence, testimony, or recordings showing that Zimmerman attempted to stop or detain Martin, or do you have information not presented in the courtroom?

    The fact is that neither one of us know the details. Since we do not, you cannot shape this case to fit your case against racial prejudice in this country. I am not blind, and I do know that in many areas in the US, profiling is a huge problem. My point is that you cannot make this case about that when there is no support for your theory.

    Did Zimmerman report that he saw a bag of skittles in his hand? And you keep reiterating the prosecutions version that there was only one blow, which is only one possibility. The same ME that testified to that, also stated that it could have been more. That ME was also recommended to the governor by the lead prosecutor in this case and has been mired in controversy in the past. The defense used a highly regarded professional as their witness. Still, I profess to not knowing exactly what happened nor if there were any motives or prejudices involved. You claim to know that there was, since every situation fits your previous experiences.

    The police department and nearly every other aspect of the community reflected this pattern as well. Teenagers walking around at night, whether rain or shine would have been watched and possibly asked a question or two, as happened to my friends and I on several occasions. My best friend growing up across the street from me was black, as were many of my friends and neighbors.

    I was actually stopped while walking through a predominately black neighborhood by an officer who happened to be black because a house nearby was under surveillance. And before you consider that surveillance racially motivated, two white guys I went to school with had their house under surveillance and eventually raided as well.

    My sister was engaged to a black man, my first boss was black, we had a black principal, and just as many black city council members as white. There was a small group of racist white people and a small group of racist black people, but for the most part everyone was colorblind. This was in rural Georgia, not where most would see a tolerant community being located. In my hometown, ANY teenager would be at least watched with a wary eye if they were meandering in the rain.

    I am definitely not an entitled, oblivious white guy as I am the first in my family to graduate college, with tuition paid for by loans not by trust fund. You should not assume the race and social status of a person because they do not assume cases involving a black victim and and a shooter that is partially white has everything to do with race. I did not state that profiling and racial stereotyping such as calling someone an entitled white guy based on his opinions are not a problem this country faces as a whole, I merely pointed out that they are not indicated in this particular case, but were used as propaganda and invoked by those who wanted this to be an example of the larger problem in the country as a whole.

    You and others made this about race because of your past experiences and your disbelief that any segment of America does not behave the same way. There is a racial component to the manner in which young black males are perceived and addressed on the street in America. When well over 95 percent of black males — regardless of socioeconomic strata or geography — affirm this in poll after poll, it is probably time to open your ears and your mind. Are the two numbers figures from different polls? If you read many of my posts, I am not denying that profiling and stereotyping is a major issue in this nation.

    I only took issue with the way race was sensationalized in this case, including your earlier Trayvon piece in which you greatly exaggerated the role of race in this tragic event. I also take issue with throwing around vague poll numbers as if they have scientific rigor to support them. Regardless of what the numbers actually are, it is still an issue that deserves more attention than it gets at times.

    Latest Blog Posts

    Other polls indicate that well over 90 percent of African Americans believe that racial profiling occurs routinely in American life. In the first case, I have no cause to suggest such merely because you are white. That would be profiling, indeed. I have every reason to suggest such on the basis of your actual, overt arguments, however. It is also misleading. As is immortalized in the transcript of the call per exhibit —-. I should have stated looking at houses. However, it was GZ who started it — and I have to concur with Mr.

    Simon — you need to unlock your mindset from its bias tilts. I totally agree that blacks experience a different America than most whites. I also do not argue that Zimmerman started the chain of events that ended in him taking the life of Martin. I do know that given their instructions, FL law, and the cases presented to them that the jury made the only decision they could. I also desperately hope that our country can one day be colorblind. The only reason I even posted on this blog was to refute the claims that race absolutely played a part in this case.

    My point is that while racism is a huge problem in America from all sides, though it effects certain races more than others , that concept cannot be applied in every town and in every situation when more than one race is involved. Pleas explain how that is myopic on my part. Myopic views work both ways, say for instance stating that since our country has a problem with racism, and the teenager walking home was black, it must be racially motivated. I undertand that you are asserting that we cannot know beyond doubt that Mr. Zimmerman did not think of the fact that Trayvon Martin was black before engaging him.

    This is true. Perhaps Mr. Zimmerman made his approach on this youth omitting that fact from his equation. There is no reasonable doubt that he did approach him, that he had a gun, and that he ended up killing an unarmed minor when there is no corroborating evidence of a potentially lethal assault by Mr.

    Ergo, if we are arguing the facts of the specific case, we are, in my opinion, within the legal terrain of manslaughter. Systemically — and not as a matter of beyond all reasonable doubt — I think it is quite reasonable to assume that race did factor into Mr. For one thing, there were elements that mitigated AGAINST this particular youth being involved in ongoing criminality cell phone conversation, Skittles, walking in plain view and there was insufficient probable cause to conclude otherwise.

    A trained police officer would have assessed Trayvon Martin and moved on to better probabilities. This is not to say that Mr. Zimmerman is a racist, only that he was susceptible to the racial stereotyping that is endemic to much of the population — that is indeed in evidence on this website, post after post. Certainly, if Mr. As evidence we can cite the ubiquity of racial profiling in the experience of young black males, the fact that racial profiling has actually required legal sanction against it under Fourth Amendment appeals, and nonetheless still has institutional approval in many places stop-and-frisk in NY, for example.

    Racial profiling is not something on that fringe of the American experience that Mr. Zimmerman would be reaching for; it is omnipresent in our day-to-day. And the profiling is not about youth, or hoodies, or other factors. It is about race. The differential in reported detentions between black and white youth makes this entirely evident. So what are you saying? So stipulated. He committed manslaughter, nonetheless, and he did so in a manner that is indicative of the ubiquitous dynamic of racial profiling in America, which we need to address systemically, regardless. How is that? My issue with you and I adore this type of soft, open discussion — on the previous comments — is your remarks of facts not in evidence.

    To your current comment here, I commend you. We all have opinions and butt holes. Before I go, my desire is to do what I can, to make things better — and I realize that such means I must be a better person. Simon also is correct in his contention that Trayvon is more likely than not DEAD — because he was presumed guilty because of race. Then we can take this wonderful series of discussion to the next level. Which, I believe — is the very quest of Mr. Will, I think what you have to understand is that a person can be around people of color, maybe even be friendly with them, be neighbors with them, etc and still be a racist.

    As another poster on here named Monica has explained, a person could be a racist even if they have a number of friends who are black or Hispanic or whatnot. They will consider these people the exceptions to the rest of their racial group. They will think well, Mike is ok.

    But what IS important is whether, in that moment, on that rainy night, his actions were racially motivated or not. It happens to most of us at some point. As a white woman walking alone, have I ever gotten a little nervous as a black man walked towards me? Am I a racist? But in that moment, as that man approaches me on the sidewalk, is my fear racially motivated? Yes, it is. There is no blood test that shows whether someone is racist or not.

    Why are you so invested in arguing for that? And then they would be guilty of killing an unarmed teen. If not, it means affirming something ugly inside of themselves and no one wants to do that. This is Responding to Mr. Simon July 25 am — moving the subject to the left damn the pun is so neat. In my comment on July 23 at pm — provided were several — Very important — links; and a remark that there are 3 noteworthy items therein telltale. Simon is violating the Hollywood unwritten rule of having regular discussions with U.

    It is a very sound wisdom for the goal of advancing and maintaining the advance — in Hollywood. What Mr. Everyone tells me, in my battle versus Romney and his power — that you should do this, do that, people will respect you more. That would encourage the evil to grow stronger and branch out. My being liked is secondary to the epidemic of the evil at play.

    Secondly — the remarks that this is — or is NOT about race is nothing more than bull [c]hit of the highest order. The police investigation was shockingly shoddy. Had the roles been reversed, had the victim been the shooter, it seems quite likely that an arrest would have been immediate, and the evidence preserved in a more professional fashion.

    Plastic bags? The reasons why cliches are cliches, is due to the fact that they are almost axiomatic empirically. Nope, it is more important to find fault with David Simon; because that is the character of humanity today. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. Many things out of whack in this world; but those which put liberty and life in peril are priority.

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