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I was much better at Spanish. It's not an easy language. I have a month-old son, Wolfgang, and I'm dreading having to deal with the logistics of school and all the forms. It's a very bureaucratic society. They're really cool about conflict resolution here. The last thing they want is aggressive Germans. I was such a delightful kid, but also such a rotten kid, depending on what time it was.

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I don't necessarily want Wolfgang to be a non-conformist or a bohemian, just to be himself. If he displays the sort of the delinquent behaviour your mum accused you of in Dig! I think communication is key to a lot of that stuff. My mom kind of disconnected from me emotionally when I was around six, because of her own head trip. She was never there — she worked nights. We'd have house parties. We'd steal all the alcohol and invite hundreds of kids and have punk bands play — just crazy stuff non-stop. It'd be like that every weekend. The makers of Dig! And they got it. Well, we always had that goofy side.

I never wanted to play with people who were too good musicians. I taught my friends to play and it was a problem. Some of the most charming people I played with had serious drug problems, and I'd end up involved with them. There's the tragicomic aspect right there. Your serious musical side has been overshadowed by the extracurricular antics, hasn't it? It's like the Monkees: nobody took them seriously as a 60s group even though they had the best songwriters working for them at that time.

They had better songs than the Hollies. Phenomenal songs. Part of me wanted to wrap everything up like an exotic fruit with spines all over it. But then you open it up and it's this nice thing. Was the Brian Jonestown Massacre name meant to be simultaneous homage and sacrilege? Well, there was the interesting correlation between the way people treated rock stars and the whole cult nature of the thing. Like the way [cult leader] Jim Jones 2 conducted himself with his Aviator shades in front of his congregation.

Actually, my first choice for a name was Blur. Everyone was on the one-word band name trip at the time 3.

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I thought, this is ridiculous, I'm going to come up with something nobody else would think of. Do you have conflicted feelings towards rock history? It was based on a very unique string riff. And I was like, "OK, this is fucking retarded. I'm going to scramble the name of your fucking band so that when people Google your name mine is going to come up, too, for all eternity. I'm more like, "Fuck those guys. So does Peter Hook. I talk to him about it on Twitter. It's just retarded that they would do that. But then there is a tradition of English groups completely lifting other people's shit, whether it's Led Zeppelin or whoever.

I like to think of my heroes as innovators. They didn't need to do that to me.

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Courtney Taylor of Dandy Warhols called you "the craziest and most talented musician I ever met". When I DJ I always play that song. It was a shame what happened to Syd but some of that stuff I really, really love. I just wish he could have been as childlike as it seemed he was going to be, as his personality was hinting at, if mental illness didn't take him out like that, with the aid of psychedelics.

Skip Spence on Oar 5 … he was great, too. All those guys were amazing. Were you debunking people's perception of the mentally ill cult rocker? No, it was about me. Because people — my mom, whoever — always said, "You're insane. I was like, "I'm insane? OK, well thank God for mental illness. Did it affect you your dad being the way he was?

He always treated me like a Catholic saint, regardless of how old I was. He'd be praising me and asking my forgiveness. Very strange, right? It'd be like, "I love you so much — please forgive me. Things not working out whatever demons he had. I didn't see [his suicide] coming, though. He was living with his aunt, taking care of her. He expressed to me that he was very stressed about that; her Alzheimer's was freaking him out. I was saying, "Please don't worry. Because suicide is a selfish act.

I know mental illness factors into it but not everybody with mental illness kills themselves. Obviously he was a sick bastard because he left a note saying: "Don't tell Anton. I had an accident. I fell out of a loft and broke my arm really badly to where the bones were sticking through my skin. I was in hospital for two weeks on morphine and Demerol and what that does to your brain is, it sets you up, because there's nothing in the world that's quite like that.

So eventually I tried opiates, whether hydrocodone or whatever it was that led to the opiate addiction, which ended up being heroin. I quit all that stuff around The way I quit, I was using a men's group in California. Then I went to a care facility. I started drinking to segue out of that and that took me a little while to quit that because I felt progressively worse.

That stopped about four years ago. It's perfectly fine.

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When you're done drinking, it really is a case of, booze is killing you. It's not hard to quit. Whether you smoke pot all day or whatever you do, you acclimate to a new environment. Simone Anderson. Sean Michael. Going With My Heart.

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