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Richard says Ben has kept them occupied with 'novelties' like fertility issues, wasting their time, and that Locke could remind them of the more important reasons they are there. Richard wants Locke to find his purpose but for that to happen, his father "has to go. He hands him a file on Sawyer. Locke is confused as to why Sawyer would want to kill Cooper, but Richard tells him to keep reading. Locke looks down at the file as Richard leaves. John wakes up the next day as the Others are packing. When he asks, Ben explains that they are moving on and leaving John and Cooper behind.

John says they can't leave him behind; "Don't tell me what I can't do, John," Ben replies. Ben says that everyone makes mistakes. They will leave a trail for John to track, but he shouldn't bother unless he arrives carrying the dead body of his father on his back. John does not attempt to follow the Others as they leave. At night of the day 88, Locke reads the contents of a red folder by fire light. A muffled voice struggles to make itself heard but Locke tells the man to save his breath because no one will hear him.

He throws the folder and its contents into the fire. Shortly before sunrise in the day 89, at the beach in Sawyer 's tent , Kate gets restless and starts to dress. Sawyer stirs and asks where she's going.

You Killed My Father

Kate says that she can't sleep unless she's in her own tent - nothing personal, just "old habits. Sawyer picks up his gun and follows her out, to find Hurley and Jin acting suspiciously outside a tent. He asks them what they're doing; they ask him the same question. Sawyer ends the standoff by going off to pee, and while doing so hears footsteps. Locke emerges from the jungle shining a flashlight.

Sawyer aims his gun at Locke, accusing him of joining the enemy and asking angrily if he's back from his "blow up everything that could get us off the Island tour. Sawyer claims he isn't a killer, but Locke says he has read the Others' files on him, which reveal his murder of the man in New South Wales.

Locke adds that the Others have files on all of them. When Sawyer continues to defend his innocence, Locke starts to leave. Sawyer orders him to stop but Locke ignores him; ultimately Sawyer follows him, barefoot, into the jungle. As they walk through the jungle together, Sawyer asks about his file.

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John says it contained high school transcripts and criminal records for con jobs but didn't explain his parents' murder-suicide; he then asks James why he chose the alias "Sawyer. Although Sawyer is furious, Locke remains calm and, continuing to address Sawyer as James, insists he is telling the truth. Locke admits that he brought Sawyer because he can't kill Ben himself.

Sawyer agrees to come with him, but says he won't kill him, he'll only bring Ben back to the camp. Locke says he believes Sawyer will change his mind when he hears what the captive has to say. In the jungle, Locke and Sawyer rest at a river. Sawyer tells Locke he didn't mean to kill the man in Sydney, that he thought he was someone else.

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Locke asks who he did mean to kill, but Sawyer sidesteps the question. Later, John and Sawyer arrive at the Black Rock. Locke tells Sawyer it's a slaving ship from the mid-nineteenth century and that Ben is locked up in the brig. He speculates that the captain brought the slaves to try to mine the Island. As they enter, Sawyer investigates a box which Locke informs him is full of dynamite; Sawyer moves away. There is a human skeleton chained to the wall of the ship. A muffled voice cries out and Sawyer is surprised that there is actually a prisoner. He reiterates his refusal to kill the captive and Locke replies, "Whatever you say, James.

Sawyer beats on the door, then turns around and takes off the bag covering the prisoner's head, revealing not Ben but Cooper , whom Sawyer doesn't recognize. As Sawyer bangs on the door and demands to be let out, Rousseau enters the ship. Locke and Rousseau do not seem too surprised to see one another. They calmly greet each other by name, ignoring Sawyer's shouting, and Locke asks her what brings her to the Black Rock. She tells him she is there for dynamite, and asks why he is there.

He doesn't answer, just points her towards the box with his torch, warning her that it's unstable. Sawyer removes the gag and gestures at Cooper to keep quiet. He yells at Locke and threatens to shoot through the door, but John has figured out it's a bluff and there are no bullets in the gun. Cooper chuckles about not raising a dummy and explains that Locke is his son. Sawyer asks Cooper how he got to the Island. Cooper says he was in a car accident and doesn't remember anything until he woke up gagged and tied to a chair, greeted by his dead son - Locke died, he says, when his plane crashed in the Pacific.

Sawyer tells him that he was on the plane, Locke wasn't crippled, and they crashed on the Island, not the Ocean. Cooper suggests that they're not really on an island, and that it's "too hot for Heaven. Sawyer asks Cooper why he threw Locke out the window. He says Locke became a nuisance after Cooper conned him out of a kidney. Sawyer is surprised that Cooper is a fellow con man and asks him his name. Sawyer has a moment of realization: "Well, how 'bout that. Sawyer is my name too.

Sawyer asks Cooper if he's been to Jasper, Alabama , and Cooper admits it. Sawyer accuses Cooper of killing his father. He pulls his letter from his back pocket and orders Cooper to read it. Cooper trivializes what happened to Sawyer's parents, saying that he pulled the same con dozens of times. As his eyes fill with tears, Sawyer tells him his mother's name was Mary and Cooper remembers her.

Cooper says he only took their money and isn't responsible for their deaths. Cooper tells Sawyer that if his father killed Sawyer's mother and then himself, he must be "down here somewhere" and maybe Sawyer should take this up with him. Sawyer demands that Cooper finish reading the letter, but Cooper rips it into little pieces.

Locke opens the door and thanks him. Locke tells him he can go back now. Sawyer asks why Locke did it. He says Cooper ruined both of their lives and had it coming. Then he reveals that Juliet is a mole, and that the Others will raid the beach in three days. He tells Sawyer to go back to warn them, but that he himself won't be returning.

He explains that he was never undercover, but rather that he's on his own journey now. Sawyer is worried he won't be believed, but Locke gives him the tape recorder as proof. Sawyer asks if Cooper really threw Locke out a window, making him paralyzed. Locke responds, "not anymore," and disappears into the jungle, carrying his father's dead body in a bag on his back.

During the day, Charlie hurriedly piles food from the kitchen area into a suitcase lid. Jack arrives and asks him about his camping trip. Charlie affects nonchalance, nervously telling him they were exploring, male bonding, and just got back early this morning. At the tent Charlie suggests to Desmond that they should tell Jack about Naomi. Desmond doesn't trust Jack; he was with the Others too long and is too cozy with Juliet. Desmond is protective of their secret.

He points out that Naomi is their best chance of getting off the Island. Desmond tells Charlie to bring someone they can trust. Hurley finds Sayid digging in the jungle with a shovel, asks him if he can keep a secret, and brings him back to the tent.

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Sayid is relieved to hear that no one has told Jack yet. Sayid goes inside introduces himself to the parachutist. She speaks with an English accent, and tells Sayid that her name is Naomi Dorrit.

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She flew the helicopter from a freighter 80 nautical miles west as part of a search and recovery team. When he asks her about Flight , she says the entire plane was found off the coast of Bali in an ocean trench four miles deep. Submersible robots explored the wreckage with cameras, which showed that all of the bodies were there. Her company was hired to find Desmond by Penelope Widmore , whom she never actually met; she only gave them a set of coordinates in the middle of the ocean.

They had been conducting a differential GPS grid search, but considered it a fool's errand because they knew of no land in the area. Three days ago she was heading back to the ship when the clouds parted and she spotted land. The instruments started spinning and she knew the helicopter was going to crash in the ocean so she grabbed her parachute and bailed out.

Let your parent know that you still see him or her as being strong. Feeling that she has lost standing in your eyes may undermine his or her recovery. Make sure your parent knows it's important to you that she is proud of you, approves of your decisions, etc. Ask if you can pray for him or her her if you are a person of faith. Take his or her hand, and pray that he or she will be comforted and find peace settling upon her, and that you can be of help somehow.

Many researchers view spirituality and religiosity as potential coping resources for suicidal thoughts. Keep it short — it's not about a long rant. It's about A putting your faith to work at a crucial time for a person in need and B letting your parent know how very much you love and care for her by offering a very intimate gift.

Praying may have the effect of soothing your heart, and making you feel more confident , plus it can really help your parent to know that your faith is helping you to be strong when she cannot be. Take pride in the fact that you are doing what you can to help your parent get the help she deserves.

Talk to a friend or counselor. Having social support during this difficult time can be invaluable. You may want someone to encourage you when you feel hopeless, or you may need mental health counseling to sort through your feelings about a suicidal parent. Seek your own help if you need it. Don't feel like you need to put on a brave front. Suicide is frightening to everyone. Be discreet. It's okay, even necessary, for you to talk about this with another person, but be sure they are trustworthy and try not to tell too many people. Otherwise you might embarrass your parent or put pressure on her to present a strong facade — both for friends and family and for you.

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Learn to spot emotional manipulation. In some instances, a parent may threaten suicide as a way of frightening you or getting you to do something he wants. While such threats should still be taken seriously, you also have to take measures to protect yourself emotionally. You can identify emotional manipulation suicide threats by their tell-tale "If, then" form, although sometimes they may be more subtle.

Your parent may make a conditional statement, such as: "If you leave me here all alone, I will kill myself. Express concern, but set boundaries. Convey to your parent that you are sorry she is in pain and that you want to help, but you will not be controlled or manipulated by threats. Do this in a gentle and non-assuming way, and actually follow up on your words and call for professional assistance.

I will do what I can to make sure you get the help you need. Don't give in to demands. No matter what your parent threatens, avoid trying to prove yourself or give in to the manipulation. Doing so will only jump start a repetitive cycle of your parent tossing around threats whenever things are not going his way. Stand firm in your boundaries. And, remember, even if you were to give in this one time, it wouldn't resolve the underlying emotional problem that prompted him to threaten suicide in the first place.

Let your parent know that you are concerned for his safety, thus when he threatens suicide you will take him seriously and call so he can receive the proper treatment. Setting this boundary releases you from manipulation while ensuring your parent remains safe. Refrain from confronting your parent. Try your best to prevent any fighting or confrontations. There is no need to tell your parent that you know she is manipulating you.

This may only worsen the situation and deter you from reaching a solution. A power struggle may result in your parent attempting a suicide simply to show you he or she was serious. Once you identify emotional manipulation hiding behind these suicidal threats, consult with a therapist for your parent and yourself. With the guidance of a professional, you may be able to express your feelings about being manipulated in a safe environment without fearing your parent will attempt suicide. Place the responsibility in your parent's hands.

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Remember, no matter how much you love, care for, or pray for your parent, you cannot keep him alive — only your parent can do that. It is unfair for your parent to place such a burden i.

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But, no matter what I say or do, that decision lies with you. I can't stop you from harming yourself, but I do want you to get the appropriate help. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Every city has a local crisis line. Know the number for yours. Look it up online or in the Yellow Pages. A lot of cities have a "" number you can call for local health and social service referrals, similar to for directory information. They may even be able to connect you directly to your local crisis line.

Try to be discreet; sometimes it is better to tell family what is happening, but make sure your parent is comfortable with it. Warnings You cannot save your parent. You can only show concern and try hard to let him or her know you hear him or her. Don't blame yourself or engage in "what-ifs" if nothing helps.

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