Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons: The Buyers Ultimate Guide

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You could, for example, be able to go back one more generation but get double the storage for barely any extra money. To give you an idea of what you can get for your money, why not take a look at these starting prices for a selection of the most popular used and refurbished Samsung Phones:. Another thing to consider is that you can search, by unlocked handsets, and also by the carrier network. We love Amazon for its price comparison , ease of shopping experience and for it great no-hassle return policy.

The downside of this is that there are lots of vendors to choose from on Amazon. So, take your time and check the product descriptions, the seller ratings and comments and make sure that the phones are in good condition, test, certified and unlocked. Craigslist is another option where you can get a lot of things at a whole host of prices. If you encounter problems, then it can be a long time before you get refunded, if you do at all. Many of us will have friends or acquaintances who tag us in all manner of things that are for sale that day.

For this reason alone, avoiding social media purchases altogether can be the safest way forward. It plays a crucial role in getting your handset unlocked because it tells network providers whether they can use it, or if it is tied to one particular network. We said a little bit earlier on that you can expect to pay a small premium for an unlocked phone. That is because the process of unlocking costs money, and someone else will have already paid for it to be carried out. One potential pitfall here is if you purchase a phone described as unlocked on a vast nonspecialist marketplace like eBay only to find it is locked, you may struggle to get your money back in a timely fashion, if at all, from the seller.

That is why having a locked phone is such a big deal; you miss out on savings from the minutes it arrives. Learn about that here. First of all, there are a lot of companies out there who advertise their services as specializing in unlocking any type of phone and getting you on any carrier. This may not be the best way for you to proceed because while the offers and rates they advertise will no doubt stand out as quite enticing, they offer limited protection to you should something go wrong.

Instead, the best way forward is to deal with the networks directly. One thing to be aware of is that Samsung phones come fitted with activation locks.

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These are something that you need to be mindful of because they can cause all manner of headaches. I have a question. Can you imagine my die hard Sparksight Android staff who reviewed this list prior to me posting it? They were not as kind as you have been. Technology is subjective and the discussion of it breeds new ideas for design and refinement. You are passionate and I want to thank you very much for reading. If you ever want to guest blog, let me know. My samsung phone sucks.

Drops calls call like bad girl friends. I hate it. I should have kept my iphone. I Agree with Henry, these are more of a personal preference issues. For example you dontt like where the send button is. It sure does for example S memo and the Flashlight, there are tons of widgets and you can customize them as you like.

I have the new Samsung galaxy and I find most of this is crap. Deffently 2 my 1 yr and 6 yr old nephews get on my phone all the time the have there own game files the take pics and get on Internet. The one yr old loves the picture frame widget. I switched from Iphone to Samsungs4 and I regret it every day. I have owned cellular phones since and I have never hated a phone so much except maybe for a Nokia in or Samsungs4 drops calls constantly. I was in a conversation with a police officer that had arrested a client only to have the phone drop the call 3 times.

Needless to say, I lost the client who told me change phones or I change attorneys. I dreamt of smashing it to bits more than once. Although it wil,l cost me big time I am going back to Apple and will never believe hype from Samsung on any other product again. Thanks for this post. Thanks for the comments and feedback. My experience is just mine. I encourage you to try the Samsung S4, you have 15 to 30 day return policies. Every time you try something new, you benefit. Thanks for reading. Christopher Justice. Must be an apple propaganda team member.

All lies. But come on man! Because you were trained like a dog on shitty un-user friendly apple products that you admittedly help develop your gonna make up interface issues to help sell obscurity. Grow up, and while your at it, I hope you grow a thumbnail on your pecker! So glad I found this. I though there was either something wrong with me, or seriously wrong with my S4. I got ttheS4 after my iPhone 4s was stolen in June. By mid-August I decided I was unhappy enough with this phone that I would sell it and go back to iPhone.

I will pick up the 5s when it is released next week. I was an iphone user and was so proud when I first got an iphone in I would proudly walk around at everyone asking is that an ipone?? Well several years later we moved to another state and had a difficult time financially so I switched to a no contract company who at the time only had terrible old fashioned phones.

Now, 3 years later I still love my android. I will be purchasing the Galaxy S4 soon. Yes Android and Iphone are different, they do each have their good, bad and ugly. It comes down to honestly your personal preference. I always hated the App Store. I know it has gotten better over time. My parents wanted to buy me a gift and got me an ipad mini, so I am still in touch with Apple. For the tablet, Apple is fine but for my phone, i have come to love Android. I have found that most people just love either Apple or hate Apple. I see the good in each Iphone ease of use but Galaxy S4 options with photos…like removing things from a picture and their multiple quick shot.

Just thought I would mention that you can enjoy both products. I think Apple folks are brain washed and once they buy Apple and rave about how amazing it is, they refuse to try something else for fear of people commenting how they changed their minds. Me, I will continue with my Android phone and my Ipad and share the love of both.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I agree.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini vs BlackBerry Q5

Plus the support of just walking into a store, having a repair done from battery to screen in 15 minutes is great too. I just ordered the Nexus 5 to give that a try. Your issues are all subjective to app issues and that you more accustomed with apple products because every 2 or three points reflect something about the iPhone. If you are an apple fan boi just say that. Trying to under play one of the best phones to hit the market as of yet is silly. And your kids cant use it what are they 2 years old? This post is garbage. There are not so much as technical reasons as there are usability challenges.

The Apple platform is very limiting in many respects and that is one of many things I appreciate about the Android platform. I have an iPhone5s unlimited upgrade, my wife has one too. I had a galaxy s3 …to be honest, it is actually better than the s4, which stinks. There were no scratches. My god was that a dumb move. I know, you might wonder if I was doing something rambunctious when these errors happened, but no, I was only holding the phone and maybe switching to the next song. Still, the iPhone is about as close to perfection as it gets. Apple products are opinionated and work well.

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I agree with this list. I switched from the iPhone to try something new and I cannot wait to get rid of the Galaxy! I feel that strongly about it. I have had it for about six months and it is no less frustrating than day one with it. I will take any phone over this. I had an iPhone 4S and hated iOS7. I too switched to a Galaxy S4. I used it for 5 weeks then returned it in frustration for a full refund and went and bought an iPhone 5S.

The main issues with the S4 were:. The all or nothing app permissions, often with overly broad requirements and almost always with no explanation as to why they are being requested, making it impossible to make an informed decision on whether to accept the permissions or reject the app vs iOS where permissions are fully under user control and requested in real time, thus providing context to the action taken.

There are indications that Android 4.


Lack of centralised notifications, each app doing its own thing, having to hunt the settings down and in some cases finding there is no fine control. Settings just changing by themselves. I would often find a privacy setting, which I know I ticked, would be unticked a couple of weeks later as I happened to wander past the settings. It seems that the far reaching app permissions allows them to override your preferences.

I was constantly having to babysit preferences to keep them the way I wanted. I looked into this in detail and in practice there were a number of problems with this advice:. I CBA having to do this nor should have to. If you go down this road you better be prepared to put in the research and work to stay current.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review: a top-tier phone in a water-resistant package

No thanks. On top of that, I would receive notifications from them after trying them out, with no way to stop them except going into application manager and turning notification off, and even then it would re-tick itself on a reboot. The last straw was getting a notification from FlipBoard at 3am asking me to finish setting it up so I could share my content with my friends.

Argh, leave me alone! The camera had an impressive MP count but the image processing was poor, leading to heavily compressed images across all settings. Image quality was not very good, especially on contrast boundaries. Sound quality. Until then I used the iPhone 4S and would walk around the room in conference calls with no-one having any problem hearing me. Finally, the phone was quite laggy in use. It would take half a second to respond sometimes, then would respond twice, and just did not feel anywhere as fluid as iOS. This is not subjective, it was actual lag. In summary the screen was nice and the hardware was okay.

I found the sceen a bit too large in the end but that is subjective. However I never felt like this phone belonged to me. It felt like it belonged to Samsung and they just let me use it as a low-privileged user on condition that I accepted their terms of use, their privacy terms and their control of the apps on my phone. On the iPhone 5S I am back in control and there are no surprises and all of the above issues are gone. But after that controlling, horrible experience, with Samsung using the device I paid a lot of money for as a conduit to advertise at me, I will never have another Samsung smartphone.

I just upgraded my iphone 4s today and so far hate my new galaxy s4. Im having a hard time finding apps that work as well as the ones on my iphone. I read a lot of pdfs for work and cannot find a good replacement for goodreader. The settings on this phone are hard to navigate with different settings hiding all over the place, wifi works when it feels like it. I got a galaxy tablet when I got the s4 and it picks up wifi fine.

Oh and when I got this 16g phone half of the storage space was already with preloaded crap. I totally agree with OP! It took me 3 full weeks to get used to the S4 and get everything set up where I kind of wanted it. Now, I am really wishing I had just returned it before my 30day period was up. The phone is so slow compared to the iPhone! Yes, the slowness! Does not make sense. I hate hate have my s4 compared to the HTC thunderbolt that I had. Even as I type this I am annoyed by about 5 things simultaneously.

I too switched from using an iPhone for years to the Galaxy S4 device. I was very pleased with the iPhone however when switching employers I had to turn in my company issued iPhone and it was time to upgrade my personal device at that time as well. I have a community of friends, family and colleagues that use the iPhone so switching to full time use of the Android device and giving up my trusted iPhone was a bit daunting…at first.

Having used the S4 for just over a month I can tell you that although different the S4 is fairly easy to use, has so many terrific features and is just flat out amazing. I would not fault anyone who uses the iPhone, my wife and daughter love theirs, but there is no way any reasonable person could claim that the Galaxy S4 is a bad phone or claim that it is not user friendly.

I have to believe there is some additional motivation behind your analysis or you have simply discredited yourself and I would question anyone that follows your blog or utilizes your companys services. Thanks for the reply! In general, I respect and endorse Samsung products and Samsung is my preferred vendor for many corporate and personal electronics. Glen, my experience, was simply my experience. I am sure someone could imply that I am motivated by some darker force or secret backdoor incentive but rest assured that my rant was just that.

A blog post written during my use very short use of a foreign device. Nothing personal, just a diatribe from the perspective of an individual who architects mobile experiences every day. What I have been surprised by is the loyalty shown toward these products. People have substituted accusatory remarks as evidence against my list of reasons for returning a simple phone. For instance, 4.

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Apple releases the updates for all devices at once, and available immediately. Sounds like this guy is used to a Macs, which do the work without telling you what is going on and dont require you to think for yourself. Androids are too modern for this guy. Get a bigger SD card and learn where your settings are and youll love it. And I can only say that my experience regarding the Samsung phone is similar to yours.

I know that you can turn of the sound, but I want to be able to hear incoming calls, even at night, as it might be important…. It is absolutely and completey useless. The picture gallery is terrible to scroll round. It seems as if Samsung wanted to make it more cool than useful. Just as the writer of the article above I agree that competition is a good thing. Company phone… not allowed to make such adjustments. I wish I would have read this before I switched from the ipone 5 to the s4….

I will give the s4 this….. LOVE the larger screen…. Not to mention the difficulty in group text messages.. I thought I hade 30 days to return it but I only had 14 so I missed the return date anz now im stuck with this thing for two years!! I cant even receive large messages or picture messages it always ask me to download the message and then tells me to try again later.

Is there anyway I could switch back to the iphone without buying the iphone full out? Ive only had this phone for 2 mos. I have noticed while using the phone for nearly a year and supporting of them over the last 6 months, there are so many bugs in the OS — with latest updates. On another note the best parts of the phone are the screen size and the camera. Oh and another quality feature is accessing your memory card like a USB stick. I have both the iPhone 5s and the Galaxy s4. I am selling the s4 for many of the reasons mentioned. My main complaint is the lag and stuttering in any browser installed on the s4.

The iPhone is very, very fast. On the s4, using Chrome, the webpage turns black and lags for several seconds before loading. On the iPhone, the same page will load instantly. Upon opening Pandora, the iPhone opens the app immediately — on the s4, more lag and waiting. The writer is absolutely correct in regards to the battery drain.

I would have nearly every bell and whistle function turned off, as well as apps, and the battery drains rapidly. Turning wifi on at work does little to help. With iPhone, the battery drain is dependent upon the tasks it is asked to perform. I have come to the conclusion that the connection to the servers is more efficient with iPhone. With iPhone, everything just works efficiently. I have no point of comparison and iOS 7 looks fine to me. I agree with every point you make, especially the cheap design. If it were not the fact that I received the phone free as a company phone, I would definitely return it.

In my honest opinion, Apple has nothing to fear from this cheap alternative. It is way overpriced, the android system technology is far below iOS, and it will be junk in a year. There are iOS users and then there are Android users. I am an Android user. This product line has only gotten better and better. Between the S2 and S4, I got the iPhone 5s. It was so limiting. There may be an app for just about anything on iOS, but that app is most likely not something native to the sandboxed environment.

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I was really thrown aback with my limited options to get an email or message or document crafted. And the 13MP camera is just plain sweet! Now to get to the samsung part comparing to the iphone. Does the iphone have notificatoin and or memos that a 67 yr old could find in a breeze. So dont compare. Also you are looking at this wrong.

When you said the plastic cover came when you dropped it you need to compare that to a iphone. If you dropped the iphone on its back then it would crack. You probably have a case for your iphone so its really not even. I just think your whole entry is either prejudice or the write. Sure, the case could be a little more rugged, but I always get a protected case for my phones, so this is really a non-issue for me.

The only real annoyance is all of the apps that Samsung added that duplicate stock Android apps. You make a very good point. I greatly respect Samsung and the innovation they brought to the market. They are the backbone of Apple, without them, there will certainly be compromises. Play with your kids. For a snappy response phone, do not install garbage on the phone and it will run fine. When you flood your phone with ridiculous apps, you are not to blame not samsung. Email configuration on the phone is extremely easy to setup.

When you are running off a crappy webhost that still uses pop, the hosting provier is to blame for the manual configurations. Drop and iPhone and get ready for spider cracks all over the front of the screen. No note taking system or method to capture plain text. Or it was impossible to find. I get the impression you are just lazy and a whiner. It helps me understand the psychology and sociology of the tech industry. I find it hard to believe you are a technologist, because the android phone is amazing. It clearly has cons, however more pros in my opinion. Nice read! Love hearing the other side.

If I accepted everything Samsung handed me with the S4 I would definitely take it back too. Get a new one. Kii Keyboard is the best. Swiping, speech to text, number row and arrows, emoji, the works. The best task reminder is Google Calendar. Automatically synced across all devices. If you set up a calendar event on your computer, a pop up reminder will show up on your phone, and if you put the location on the event it will tell you when you need to leave to make it there in time and provide an instant link with a map and driving directions. Task killers solve a lot of RAM issues. Clean Master can be set to automatically kills tasks everytime the screen turns off.

Cut and paste is press and hold. The only launcher you ever need is Apex. If you get the paid version it allows you to overlap widgets eliminating most padding issues. Though with Apex you can set grid layouts like 8 x 5 icons as opposed to 4 x 4 default that help with that too. Cerebrus: the best app for tracking your lost phone and comes with no virus scanner and crap like that.

It can even secretly take pictures or video of a thief and email them to you. Google Keep, the best note taking app and again, is synced across all devices.

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Google Chrome is probably the best browser simply because, again, your bookmarks and logins can be synced across all devices. You can make this a default browser. Stop taking videos in portrait. It goes against all technology commandments. And of course, the obvious, root it. I totally agree with comfort ability though. This guy has some good points but lost credibility with completely false input.

I stopped around 30 or admin