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It is a reasonable assumption, considering his roots in the Republican Party, in the Marines, and his proud Scots-Irish roots. And considering the pressure of the necessary preparation for schools, the temptation to shun the byways is very great. The education which he received was an excellent one, considering his colonial environment.

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In considering some of the extreme examples, we must revise our idea that art is or should be always beautiful. Julia is rather strict with me, but very good, considering whose grandchild she is. Many will say before fools what they would not hazard before wise men; not considering that fools can repeat as well as parrots. Perhaps a metaphor from navigation, but more likely reflecting Roman obsession with divination by astrology.

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Tucker doubts the connection with sidus , however, because it is "quite inapplicable to desiderare ," and suggests derivation instead from the PIE root of English side meaning "stretch, extend," and a sense for the full word of "survey on all sides" or "dwell long upon. The Biggest Mistakes In Songs We Love To Sing Your favorite playlist is probably as full of simple spelling mistakes and hilarious grammatical errors as it is beloved hit songs.

Nearby words considerably , considerance , considerate , consideration , considered , considering , consigliere , consign , consignation , consignee , consigner. Log in. B2 used to mention a particular condition or fact about something, usually a disadvantage :.

Linguistics: connecting words which express a contrast. Translator tool. Sign up now Log in.

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Tangy, tart and fruity: talking about flavours. July 03, Cambridge Dictionary. Meaning of considering in English. B2 used to mention a particular condition or fact about something, usually a disadvantage : Considering the weather , we got here pretty quickly. I was impressed that she found the way here, considering she'd only been here once before. More examples His tact was exemplary , especially considering the circumstances.

He exhibited great self-control considering her rudeness.

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