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Toys are the best, I love having many to chew on. Who knew! Although I am a grade A plus plus plus most of the time, I may have allegedly maybe this one time or two counter surfed up some yummy stuff, allegedly. That just means I am very motivated by treats, so I am a good quick study if you reward me with a nibble. I was found without puppies, but it was obvious I had some at one time, because my lady parts were making milk.

My motherly hormones came in handy though, because Foster Mom just happened to have a batch of orphan bottle babies and I halped out by cleaning and soothing the puppies, like a nanny. I am not just good with canine puppers, I am good with everyone because my personality is the ultimutt in sweetness and I am a super duper love bug. There are not too many naughty tidbits about me, I am an angel just minus the wings.

Billy Aka Nugget Jum. Dog Adult Male Medium Whippet. I am finally ready to be adopted, but they would like to keep me adopted nearby San Antonio, so that if there are problems with continuing my training, you will have helpers nearby. Exercise and teaching me your human words so I know exactly what to do in all types of situations will really help me feel comfy.

I make a show of bravado to prove that I am the alpha dog, but if you have a keen eye for dog body language, you will see that I am really just a scared little guy. I need a confident owner that can make me feel secure and perhaps another laid back tolerant stable dog that can show me the ropes. In return I offur you the only thing I one, my loyality. You cannot stick a fork in me or throw me against a wall like a piece of spaghetti to see if I am done. Whelp, I was adopted as a baby puppy and then later returned.

The rescue ladies are not sure what happened in the in between time, but I came back a litteral train wreck and did not want to interact with humans or dogs. I have made leaps and bounds; soooooo farrrrr from where I started on day one. I was full of angst like a High School rom com, but now I am only full of hotdogs and the occasional bout of anxiousness. I have learned that not all humans and dogs are out to get me and, in fact, some even have very good things in their pockets for me to eat.

If you want to have a real deal rescue experience, I am a great choice. Patty Jane Aka Pj Sparklesjt. My boo boo needs a tad bit more doctoring than a well meaning kiddo can provide, although I appreciate her effort. I have a razzle dazzle sparkly personality equal to Katy Perry. I am a female 60 pound year old adult mixed breed doggie likely some Lab thrown in there amongst a few other breeds, one of which gave me the copper red color of a penny. Since I do have a big boo boo going on, I do prefer smaller dogs or big dogs with relaxed personalities.

As afurmentioned there is a human kiddo in my foster home and I enjoy hanging with her.

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I also love the blankies she provides and the chin rubs. But I better get back to the elephant in the room, another human phrase I do not get, there are not actually any elephants here, I am refurring to my broken back and useless back legs. Right now it would be impawsible to potty train me as I am incontinent due to my injury but with physical therapy and time, I may regain control of my bidness.

I am happy and would be wagging my entire hiney if I could to show my appreciation for being rescued out of the shelter. I am learning to adjust to life without use of my back legs and honestly, before the pound got me, I was doing pretty good draggin myself around. However, the rescue has gotten me a wheelie chair. It felt odd at first having this contraption attached to me, but the wheelie chair along with physical therapy could pawtentially allow me to walk and potty unassisted someday, so I am going to practice it hard! I have a long road to go, but I would love the oppawtunity to show you how I sparkle.

I am a luxurious lap dog. My breed is thought to be mostly Chihuahua. My weight is ocho, that means eight in Spanish, yes, I am bilingual, I speak human and canine. I have 5 years of experience being a dog, so I am already wise in the ways of our human world, house-trained and leash-trained. My dispawsition is impeccable. My heart can be yours, but I must tell you that my heart has a murmur and I take medicine for it. If you adopt me, you'll have to give me my daily medicine, it's easy to do, just hide it in some ham or peanut butter.

Apply today to be my cuddle bud and secret medicine giver. Name: Chloe, but you can call me Chloe-ster like my Foster Mom does. Special Skills: Hoarding toys, stealing blankets, destroying toys, stuffy toys are for chewing, I have destroyed million stuffies. I do not apawlogize. I am also great at muttnipulating your friends to give me nibbles of their brisket, bacon, puperoni pizza or anything else they are munching on.

Likes: I like smaller dogs and even cats. I like games that cats invented, like chasing the laser pointer or flash lights, cats are very brilliant. I like food. I like to give kisses, especially after you ate food. I enjoy humans in general and want to be the center of your attention. Hairytage: I came from the city pound where I was missing a lot of hair. I am sure I would have a very tall tail to tell if I could tell it. I want my personality to take the spotlight, but my shiney coat is stealing it. Cute Habits: I enjoy to be covered with a blankie at bedtime, just tuck me in!

I often bork and chat with Foster Mommy, I wonder if she understands canine or if she is just smiling back to puptronize me? I also find dogs that want to play ALL the time to be annoying stinkers.

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I am 10 years old, I need my beauty sleep. But for my living quarters I would prefer a smaller calmer dog as a buddy. Best Assets: I am fully potty trained. I repeat, I am fully potty trained. I need to end this charade and admit to you that I am not actually a Unicorn, I am a Pitbull, but Foster Mommy said it was okay to pretend, so I did, it is a good girl thing to obey Foster Mommy. Dog, Young, Female, Small Chihuahua. Dog Young Female Small Chihuahua. I vote for dogs to have shampoo that smells like bacon or tacos, I bet that would taste good and get me lots of friends as well.

Bath time would be like heaven, not just for me, but when I shake it like a polaroid picture and the soap hits your lip, just imagine! They call me Chica. My name is a term of endearment when refurring affectionately to your girlfriend so it fits my swag. I am an 11 pound almost 2 year old strawberry blonde bombshell Chihuahua mix. I play well with the big dogs, but I do get a little jealous of smaller dogs that get more attention than me.

I am the total enchilada, you can pick me up and tote me around like a purse puppy or I can be leashed up and stroll around like a big girl. If you need to shed a few pounds, I can be of assistance as going on long walks is kinda my thang. I cannot wait to sniff you and walk you and love you.

Adopt me, Chica! I only weighed 40 pounds when I was picked up from the City of San Antonio shelter, but now I am back up to a hunky chunky 85 pounds. I am somewhere between 3 and 4 years old.

Ep 11: Sherlock Bones & Watley - Cute Dog Detectives Video!

Best Skill: Doing zoomie spinny circles, it is a complicated move, but I am very goodest at it, the best really. I totally agree. To truly judge a book, you need to nibble it, chew on a few pages. When I first got outta the shelter, I was very hungry and chewing on everything, but I have stopped that nonsense, as long as you give me TOYS! Socialability: I am in a Foster Home with other dogs, but did do slow intros.

I do great at public places like dog parks, but I become more protective when at home. I am shy at first with people, but if you exchange treats for my love, I will take that trade and then you get to see my goofy ball side. I have been a good boy around kids.

So far the only command I know is SIT. I hope you know the command for rubs, because when I roll over to show my belly that means rub it. Big Ask: I am very happy to have my second chance at a home after being dumped and 40 pounds at the city shelter. I want to be a good big boy for you and I will be very loyal and loving. Will you adopt me? Dog Baby Male Large Boxer. I have a math problem for you to solve.

If I have 1 hamburger and my furry brother Marley has 3 hamburgers, how many hamburgers does Max end up chowing down on? Hint, the answer equals my number of paws. Good job. I cannot help it, when it comes to food I get very hangry. Put me in a snickers commercial, I would be a shoe in for the job. Other than my aggressive nature when I want the food, I am usually a good brother to my brother, who is actually my blood brother. We were originally saved as pups from the City of San Antonio when we were 8 weeks old.

I am a normal 11 month old size large sweet fun loving ball of energy. We could play fetch or just hang out on the porch or couch. I like to be silly and show my tummy for rubs and my ears flop around very haphazardly, it is super cute. I am already housetrained and could easily learn the rules at your house. Dog Adult Male Medium Hound. Once the courting phase is over, I will be head over heels in love with you.

I am above average in muscle tone, activity and athleticism. I do an amazing Elvis inpawsonation. My overall personality is quirky, but once you understand my quirks, you can make jokes about me to your friends about what a jerk I can be sometimes. I have a perfect heart shape on my noggin so obviously I was made for love. I am purty good with other dogs, but since I do suffer from the low self esteem, I do act a bit macho at times, which could get me into trouble if I am not around the right type of dogs.

At my Foster Home there is a zoo of dogs and this crew knows how to keep me in check so I have no issues here. I walk fantastic on leash but new situations are tough on me, so taking me places often might be a challenge in that respect, but with LOTS of practice I will learn to enjoy new stuff. I am crate and house trained and you can leave me loose in your house and I will not bug any of your stuff. Daisy Flower Jum. Dog, Adult, Female, Medium Shepherd.

Dog Adult Female Medium Shepherd. My name is Daisy Flower, the volunteer added the middle name Flower because there is another dog named Daisy, you should check her out, she is wearing a blue flower hat. I am not wearing any hats, unless you count the metafurical hats that I will wear once you adopt me I will wear the hat of your bfff best furry friend furrever , your therapist, life coach, ball coach, coach potato, muttivational speaker, kissing bandit is that a hat or a mask for that one?

Just a good dog, down on her luck in the big city of San Antone, looking to move on up to the big leagues. I have a major coffee drinking problem. I enjoy to play with dogs that are big, small, or in between size like me, I am about 40 lbs, but could stand to gain a bit. I am still waiting for the fur on my ears to grow back after a run in with fleas and ticks. They are gone now. I love to run, play and wrestle with friends in the pasture. Dog Adult Male Large Shepherd. My foster mom says I am an amazing dog with kids, I am house and crate trained.

I love to play and would be great with another medium to low energy dog. I would love to have my own Emily Elizabeth to take care of!! Are you grossed out by face slurps or is that something you would enjoy? My favorite hobbies are to run and chase the ball, play tug of war, and slurp faces. I would love to have a family that enjoys hiking and outdoor adventures because I do too!! I am a good sized boy at 70 pounds and am 2 years old. My original owner did not treat me with preventatives for heartworm.

Unfortunately, I got bitten by a mosquito and tested heartworm positive. Dagnabbit, it is hard to believe such a tiny critter as a skeeter can cause such trouble in my heart. Please contact us at info godsdogsrescue. Dog Baby Male Large Pointer. Meet Cayden KP Howdy! That is Texan for hello. I am bilingual now that I have been living with a Foster Mommy. I am just under 1 year old and weigh ruffly 40 pounds of lean machine. Either way I have very cool markings, expressive eyes, and brindle highlights on my black coat accented by white blazes.

I like everyone and everything! I have a healthy appetite! I droolz a lots when I have to wait in my crate for meal time! I am a slobberasarus, very slobbery. I still like to put my slobber and teefers on stuffs in the house, but I am learning that some things are a no-chew and some things are a yes-chew. I mostly follow the resident doggies and learn good boy rules from them. I bark at Foster Mommy when she says no no. I am not sassy. I bork when I play too. I have a big sister who looks just like me! We twins!

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She is fast but I try to catch her when we run and wrestle! I am practicing my big boy bark and it sounds really fierce, but then I jump up and lick your face! Foster Mommy does recommend a wire crate for me, because I like to chew on my crate when I get bored even though I am fairly certain it is on the no-chew list. I am fun and playful and get along with other playful dogs and even cats. Sometimes I have to tone it down a few notches because I can be overwhelming and presumptious that every dog wants to be my friend and you know what, some cats and dogs are really put off by overly friendly guys like me.

I love toys especially a Kong toy frozen with a yummy slurpy goodie inside. Helpful hint, that is one way to keep me busy for a while. I know that dog beds are very comfortable, but couches are better! We can watch sappy romantic movies while I nibble on my nylabone on the couch. If you like fun guys that are also handsome studs, you will love me! Or would you holler back in a few seconds?

I need to know what type of person I am dealing with here? I tow the line between the ultimate in swagger and the corny beef cake boy next door, so you get a combo that can only be described as a big hunka hunka burning love. I will set your heart on fuego with my ice ice baby too cold eyes. I am quite the character and will definitely keep you on your toes. I was rescued from the concrete floor of the city pound and it took me a little while to settle in once I got to rescue camp, but now I let my goof flag fly.

You get some of that Husky hype dampened with the Labby Dabby Door temperament. I know not to jump up and knock you over and I walk quite well on a leash. My mix calls for more than a dash of energy, so be ready to take me camping, hiking or at least around the hood a few times. I would love to be rubadubdubbed by a warm fire on a crisp evening. Also, can we get some hotdogs on that menu too please?

I am in general good with other dogs both male and female. Howlever, I prefur the ladies over the males, not like any other male dog stands a chance against these peepers anyway. Watch out ladies Lucas is in town. Do you want to be the proud owner of a certified beefy cake? Local is in the state of Texas. Dog, Adult, Female, Large Pointer. Dog Adult Female Large Pointer. Plum JuM Can you be a peach if you are a Plum?

I came from the City of San Antonio shelter and I was not in the best shape, my hair was missing in a few spots and I could use a few more vittles, my weight was 55 pounds, but it should be 70 ish and now I am svelte 70 pounds like I should be! The lady thinks I am a Pointer mix, but everybuddy knows that pointing is rude, so I want to be clear that I would never point the finger or stick the finger for that matter at anyone! I am a friend to all humans.

And I am happy as a clam to meet and greet other dogs. Maybe when I retire, I will get a job as a greeter at doggie Walmart. I do best playing with the other teenage dogs, they tried me out in a few play groups and found I prefer to be with the goofy and fun young dogs. I am only 2 years old, so it makes perfect scents I mean sense! I even got to do a marathon at one of the local universities and I was awesome as a walking buddy. I like all types of dogs, but fun ones are my favorite. I am especially happy to sit for a treat.

I wasn't a fan of leashes at first, but now I am a pro and I actually can walk it out fairly well. I am crate trained too and a perfect classic lady when I am out in public. I am a fun chick with lots to offer. I would really thrive in a home with another fun dog to hang around with.

Maddie, but I am not maddie, I am very happy, but I do always have a melon-collie look on my face. But since it is relevant to dog adoptions I will just tell you, I am mumble umble arrffffle Note from Volunteer: Maddie is 10 years old. I also like CATS. I am good around other dogs too. I am just a nice girl. History: I came from the City of San Antonio shelter. When I got to Foster Mom I had the worst case of the itchies. How long does it take for eyebrows to grow back if you over pluck?

Mine finally are. I found almost ALL my missing fur. We got the itchies under control with the medicine I got from the Veteranarian. I will be so easy I promise and I will love you the mostest ever that you have ever been loved. I know I can do it. Dog, Adult, Female, Small Chihuahua.

Dog Adult Female Small Chihuahua. Biowriter looks at Roxy who is being silly. I was dumped on the property of a rescue shelter when I was preggo. I love toys, kids, other dogs, am crate trained I do however kinda gravitate to the trash can. Old habits are hard to break, what can I say? As far as my weight and size, whatcha see is whatcha get. Foster Mom went to investigate to see what had kitty so interrrrrested.

I was not a large exotic rodent, but still a very similar weird name, a Catahoula. They believe I am mixed with Australian Shepherd, because I have a bit longer fur than a Catahoula and my ears are mostly perky not flippy. My eyes have a marbled glaze of ice blue and amber. That is common among Catahoula and it is called heterochromia yep, got that spelled right and everything, thank you google. I weigh Sayonara to my man parts. Since I am only 8 months old, I will still grow a bit more and maybe end up in the 60 pound range. My Catahoula grey merle coat can be used for ink blot tests to see if your friends see anything sketchy, all I see is bacon.

You can also have bunches of fun with me and take me anywhere, because I enjoy vehicle rides, much better than my previous ride known as the patamobile. I jump right up in the cab excited for an adventure. I am an avid eater and welcome food and water with much graciousness as I am so relieved to be catered to. Foster Mom says to tell ya she reckons I should get a home with an energetic youngster to keep me busy, otherwise you will be responsible for burning off my energy. My favorite-est part of the day is when Foster Mom and Dad get home and play with me. When I was first found under the deck, I was hiding out and feeling sick, because a rattler snake had bit my leg.

My Foster Mom took me to the Vet and they gave me medicine and said I am one tough cookie to survive a rattler. I am still waiting for that cookie they speak of. I also had fleas and ticks nipping at me, goodness, one would think my blood tasted like chicken fried steak the way all critters kept sinking their teeth into me.

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It was after all a cat that rescued me. If you would like a happy Cappy to be your dog, please apply. I love my toys but I also bite my toys, it's a very complicated relationship. I have a black and white horsey stuffy, his name is Fred and he's my fren. I have room in my heart for lots of more frens too if you want to be one. A hint to get me to be your fren, bring me toys, any kind will do, squeaky, ropey, rolley, chewy. I repeat. I'm not. My Foster Human put a scarf on me for my photos. I guess he didn't want me to be naked.

I would have been fine naked, I'm not modest and I'm proud of my svelteness. I'm a young 3 years old hunk muffin at 60 pounds. Best guess on my mix is Lab mixed with Pitbull. I am smart and learning Foster Human's commands fairly quick. He's doing a good job, but sometimes he puts me in something called a crate, I'm not giving crates 4 thumbs up yet, it's taking time to get used to. I'm working on my potty training too.

Does your house have carpet or tile? Don't worry I can chill on both, carpet is soft but tile is better for belly cool downs. I'll need those after our hikes or fetching a frisbee. When we are not playing, I will want to be near you nibbling on one of the many toys you are gonna buy me. Foster Human is teaching me to wait to be invited before jumping up on couch, but I sure hope you'll pat the couch and let me up there, it smells like people butts and I like that.

I'm available for ear nuggies and full body snuggies, so adopt me soon! Maybe my Foster Mommy could do my speech for me, because I feel some stranger danger trembles. I was saved from the Guadalupe pound. It was scary there. Not at all. But now, my Foster Mommy can handle me and she is very good at snuggles. I guess I actually like snuggles. I never knew about them before. I am 5 years old and very small. I only weigh 6 pounds. I am a Chihuahua. Life was hard, but it is getting better inch by inch.

I need a home with a mountain of patience. Are you good at snuggles? Do you want to try some with me? Whelp, auto correct was spell correcting my name to SciFi 2 as if I was the sequel to a Science Fiction film, but it is actually Sofi2. So I am the sequel or Junior to the first Sofi. Hence the name. It is nice that my Foster Mommy thinks highly enough of me to name me after her bestest dog. I was found in south town by a bar.

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I followed people if I thought they had food, I wanted some food, I was soooo hungry. Like you know when your tummy is so mad it growls at you and you are like whoa tummy shut up, I am trying to find you some food, hush up, I am trying hard. I got in the car with that lady.

Foster Mommy says my tiny ears indicated I might be part Sharpei. You can rub my ears if you want to. And my tail curls like a Chow and I am fluffy. But this creamy off white egg shell color usually means there is some Labrador in the gene pool. I am a 43 pound, 3 year old mixed breed dog to sum it up.

If you like Shiba Inus, you might find me appealing. Huge feet, huge appetite! And I am very sweet and attached to my Foster Mommy like glue. I like the food. I like the other dogs. I like the cats. I like Foster Mommy. My Kong toy that I just figured out. Did I mention, I like food? I am potty and crate trained. People will appreciate my ability to follow them from room to room like a sneaky ghost. And I try hard to learn the people words, you will know this by the way I cock my head from side to side to catch your words.

Hello my name is Bailey. I like to play ball for hours because I am also a world class athlete. Just look at my Hammies! I am an 8 years young Pttbull aka American Staffordshire Terrier, and can run circles around the younger pups! I've been on Heart Worm treatment and will be as right as rain when that finishes. When am not having all the fun, I like to snuggle with my hoomans and take long naps. I have all my shots, and I won't be having any puppies. I'm like the perfect dog! Dog, Adult, Female, Medium Beagle. Dog Adult Female Medium Beagle. God's Dogs Rescue is courtesy posting me for more exposure to potential adopters because teamwork makes the dream work.

You will actually be adopting me from MMK9. Or get into their van even if they say they have lots of cheese. Conquer my fear of the vacuum. Foster Mom made me write that one. Stop being so dang shy and awkward at initial meet ups. Stop channeling Sheldon Cooper, be a Penny, everybuddy likes Penny.

I want to learn to warm up faster to new humans so that they can see my snuggleapusgus side sooner. Beat my previous record time on slurping out all of the yummy stuff in my Kong toy. You should know that I am crate trained and house trained and know some people words and what to do when I hear them.

I am 30 lbs and years old or so. Darla is my name playing is my game. I like friends in fur and in hooman skin. I live with other foster dogs they are older but I will get them to play with eventually. That being said here's a bit about my spunky little self. I would like to be in an active home since I do like to play. I was found on the street by foster mom with my partner in crime. He was a feral kitty so he didn't come with me to foster mom's house. Bet he wishes he had house life is soooo much better than street life.

Kibble bowls are never empty I get comfy stuff to sleep on. I would now like to have my forever people. I would really appreciate someone who will show me how to play with toys. Well hello there. My name is Hara and I'm a 3 yr old American Staffy. I'm 48 pounds of full grown doggo so I guess I'm considered a medium on the large side.

I wont get any bigger. I just had my last litter of my whole life so yay me. I was rescued from what they call a backyard breeder. So now that I am all done making babies I have learned to play with toys. Specifically the kind that squeak. Those are my favorite.

Right now my babies are driving me bananas so I would really like to get on out of here to my own people. I don't always do well with other doggos, I am getting better, but needs to be the right dog Ross "Shake. But is this some unwritten agreement? Did I just purchase a house or agree to buy a car, what deal am I secretly making by shaking hands with humans?? Did I just agree to give Foster Mom my first born son??? Jokes on her, I'm neutered, so I won't be having any sons!

I have also been taught "sit" and "hug"--those are unwritten agreements to get treats and love. Around here they call me Ross. I am a young buck at about 2 years old. My size is considered the ideal if medium is too small but large is too large, at a sweet spot of 51 pounds. There are a few things that get my tail swinging including toys! I am driven by my urge to play with toys and if I can't find a toy, I might grab one of your shoes instead, I'm innovative like that!

My other hobby is playing chase and rumble with other dogs, so a home with a playmate my size would be a blast. I have had all the basic responsible care done. I'm neutered, heartworm negative, up to date on vaccines, flea treated and dewormed. I do have a couple of things to admit. And two, I cannot live with cats. Both of those things might improve with time, but I wanted you to know upfront. I used to be an outdoor dog and now that I know about life inside the people house, there's no going back to those lonely feelings. I am still learning how to be kept in a crate while you're away but I'm improving daily.

Maybe we should shake on it. I am eager to be trained more manners. I walk okay in my harness but practice makes perfect! Please consider having a meet and greet with me. I deserve to live my life with a loving family and as an indoor only dog except to go potty of course! So gimme your hand, we need to make this deal!

Queen Dulce Do you know all the rules and etiquette that peasants need to follow when around the Queen? Me neither, so you can just treat me like a regular Royal dog and pamper me and pet me and keep me happy for the rest of my days. Quite honestly, I am tired of being the Queen all the time. Way too much responsibility and cuts into my nap time. Like most Royals, I can be a little standoffish at first, but it is because I have had little interactions with the peasants but I am willing to give it a go.

If you have the patience to help me forget my royal ways, I would be happy to let you try. I love other doggies, and live with my daughter, Princess Rose and Grandbaby boy, Little Prince, and that has been fun but time to move on. Will it be with you? Dog, Adult, Female, Medium Spaniel.

Dog Adult Female Medium Spaniel. In fact, I am like the sunshine that you drew in every corner of every drawing you did as a child. I would love an active home with a family that likes to hang out with dogs. I am the just right age of 3 years and walk well on a leash, and even already know SIT. Please adopt me, you will be so full of sunshine when you see me. Winston JP Hiya!!!! Meester Churchill and I have one thing in common, I hear he walked with a bit of a limp. I also currently walk with a limp. I was found in a park all alone, scared and dragging my back legs. The Vet does not know what caused the injury, but I am progressing by leaps and bounds So to speak!

I am an adorable 7 year old, neutered, male chocolate frosted Chihuahua. I weigh approximately 8 pounds, so am the perfect pocket pet. I am ruffly the same size as a kitty, so when you scritch my ears or belly I make a purrrring sound. I get along great with all of the other dogs, as long as they are not jumping on me and knocking me around. Obviously, I still have some healing to do and need a safe space in which to do it.

My ideal family will be patient, kind, and nurturing with me as I complete my healing process. In return, I will be the best little snuggle buddy ever! I am quiet and sleep through the night. My other favourite thing is to be swaddled in a blanket, as you would do an infant! Foster Mum calls it my mummy look. I feel so warm and secure when I am wrapped up. I am flourishing on love and attention! I love being loved and snuggled. I attempt to walk and use my back legs. I motor around the fenced back yard just fine without it. I enjoy lying out and soaking in the warm sunshine.

I also like to play games like tuggy war. Once I win, I run off with my prize and guard it. I have heard Foster Mum call "me a special little guy! Dog Adult Male Large Spaniel. I am assuming gordo means gorgeous in Spanish. I mean it starts with gor right? Dern it. I just google translated gordo and it actually means FAT in Spanish. Likes: Pets! I just love attention on me. Also playing with stuffy toys is fun too, I like that.

Dislikes: Whelp, for one, the word gordo. Unless Foster Mom is actually using it as a term of endearment and it does secretly mean I am gorgeous! I think that is true, so go ahead and delete my dislike list. No need for it. I like everything! Best Skill: Naps! Final Thoughts: I am a good sport and a team player and even if you want to call me Gordo or put pirate hats on me or make me wear a Dracula cape for Halloween, I would be cool with all of that. I will rocco any look you put on me! I just love any attention and love I can reap from you humans. I used to have balls like a Christmas tree too, but I had my neuters done and now the only balls I have are tennis or bouncy.

I put the punk in spunk and the ounce in bounce. I am still gonna grow some more and will likely be a 50 ish pound dog. Speaking of frogs, I almost croaked when I was a puppy because I had the tummy virus parvo, but I lived, so that shows how strong I am. I am a silly guy, so if you like silly bouncy personalities like Boxers have, then I would be a superior choice of dog for you.

Pandora 2 JuM My offurcial name is Pandora, but I have earned the nickname of Surfer, not for my beach blonde hair, but for my curiosity with packages on counter tops. I am a 1 year old 40 poundish light reddish yellowy Labrador Retriever mix. I have a darker red almost Vizsla colored sister named Venus. We were shy and not good on a leash. I litterally freeze up when leash goes on me, so I had to be carried out by my rescuer. I still have a long way to go and could benefit from more leash walking training.

Since coming to rescue camp, I have made LOTS of new doggie friends and I am really really good at making friends of the furry variety, big small, young old, all of them. On the other paw, people are not quite as scary as I thought, so I follow volunteer Theresa around the pasture and show her my belly for pats, I like that.

I am crate trained and will make a great doggie for someone who has a weeee bit of patience. Meet Falula JuM I am a cwazy wabbit! Jus kidding, but I do have the rabbit ears that make me favor a Pharoah Hound. The Pharoah Hound ears are so big in order to trick the rabbits into thinking we are one of them when my ancestors were hunting. I am a girl dog about years old and 60 pounds. I am looking for an adopter that has lots of ticks, not the bitey blood sucker kind, but ticks on their clock to spend with me, because I enjoy the company of humans. Speaking of ticks, I do have some white and black ticking on my chest and feet, so the ladies think I might be mixed with Heeler.

That word can mean a bunch of things! I am not only very original and unique looking, I am also a good girl who is crate and house trained. My happy go lucky demeanor will put a smile on your face and keep it there for years to come. I am active as you would expect a young lanky gal to be, so you will need to plan for activities or outings to the park. Maybe play dates with another dog to burn some of my energy off?

I cannot wait to meet you! Sweety Pie DS Do you ever take out your phone to check the time and then put it right back in your pocket. In a couple of seconds you realize you have no idea what the time is, and have to check again. Been there, done that, but in a different way. I am constantly having to use my snooter to count babies to make sure they are all here. I have an unbelieveable color arrangement, like is she chocolate?????? My heart is only one color though, GOLD! I am somewhere between 2 and 3 years old a solid 45 pounds.

They think I am a mix of Lab and Pitbull. My house manners are on point and I will be a great dog for any type of home once I am done raising these chicken nuggets. You can apply NOW! Around the Howliday season, I found myself in quite the predicament. I was at the city pound with my puppies. Luckily as a Mom, I did my best to shield my babies from any fear and assured them that I was gonna pull out all the cute stops to make sure we caught the eye of a Foster Mommy. Gosh, it pays to be cute, cuz a Foster Mommy got us out of the shelter and into a cooshy bed at her house.

What a relief! Now start adopting us, we are ready for applications! I like to play, cuddle and eat. Best Family Trip: The only trip you will be going on is a guilt trip. I will use the big puppy dog stare down to make you melt and wanna never leave me. I am not a cookie. By the way, do you have a cookie? Cookies are on aisle 6, please grab some on your way home from work. Temperament: Happy go lucky and care free. I like to play until it is time to pile up with my litter mates.

So much tummies!!!!!! History: I am one of 5 puppies born to a Mommy dog and we ended up at the City Pound. I weigh 8 lbs at 14 weeks as of March 11th week. Right now, I am sizing up to be the same size as my Mommy, about 50 pounds. Final Thought: The lady was only going to post my tummy photo, but I thought you might wanna see my face too. Final Final Thought: Cookies. Aisle 6. My secret is peanut bubber.

It is like the celery of dog treats, when you put peanut bubber in a Kong Toy and do the muzzle tongue action to get it out of there, you actually lose more pounds than gaining, just like digesting celery. Celery, yuck. I have no idea why celery comes in sticks. I could carry sticks all day, as long as they are celery sticks. I am a fun guy and we can cuddle, chase squeakers and tennis balls or even tug on a rope. I am game for any game.

Blue Steele! Nailed it!

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Dog Adult Male Large Boxer. And I am not jus talking weight. I gained a Foster Pop and family that taught me that even a lost scrawny stray guy like me deserves love. I am up to 70 pounds, but you should check out my BEFORE photo to see the difference, some might even call me pleasantly plump now and whelp, I cannot complain.

I am described as a gentle giant. I love lounging around with other dogs. I am kennel trained, but most of the time I sleep on the floor, with a pillow of course, now that I know about soft, I cannot get enuff. Some of my other enjoyments are hugs, cuddles, and toys.

I also know the word SIT. I am potty trained too, I did have a few accidents when I first got here, but Foster Pop assured me that is fairly normal since I was a street dog before. Can you adopt me? I gotta like a movie named after me. Congratulations you found me. Now gimme a high 5, how about a shake paw too and while I am at it, lemme show you my sit. What I discovered was that the unicorn was far more present that I ever imagined. It existed throughout history and across cultures in symbols from Ancient Babylon, legends from the Ancient Greece and was even sighted by Genghis Khan.

They popped up everywhere. Their image was repeated, and repeated in places that were completely disconnected in space and time. The image of the unicorn still features on many coats of arms across the world—including that of the United Kingdom. FEB: Where were you when you saw your first unicorn? Can you tell the story of that time? Seraphini: It was in the Sherwood forest in Nottingham, England. On Saturday mornings I used go walking with my grandparents in the woods. Once they were sound asleep I would trot off to do some investigating on my own.

I used to collect funny shaped twigs, the woods were the best place for finding new ones. I was running about quite happily until I tripped and fell over some protruding roots. I had scuffed up my legs badly and was on the floor weeping when a young unicorn appeared. It licked the wounds before galloping off. It happened very quickly but I still remember how large and curious its eyes were. From around the 5 th century and throughout the medieval period they were viciously hunted and caged. They were deemed symbols of purity and much of their anatomy was used for medicine.

Their numbers dwindled and for a very long time they almost completely disappeared. Are they an endangered species?

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Seraphini: Yes, they are. Today the greatest danger is that their natural habitats are disappearing. These are the wild windy moorlands where their berries grow, or dense forests of North America where they have roamed for centuries. They are incredibly fond of spaces of extreme beauty. The best thing we can do to protect them is learn about their habitats and how to maintain the spaces that they love to live in.

It was magic in the way that nature can be magic. Much like seeing a spectacular view that takes your breath away. Seraphini: Keep tracking, keep learning, keep fighting for their habitats. And never stop believing in magic, without it the world is a sad sort of place. There you have it! You can find out even more next Tuesday, April 2, when The Secret Lives of Unicorns is available everywhere books are sold!

Both of these gorgeous books are available wherever you buy your books. Read on to discover how Sandra was inspired to turn a dark season of her life into a tale of resolve and strength in The Dog That Ate the World. The first time I thought of the story for The Dog That Ate The World I was lying under a tree in a park near my house watching the sunshine come through the tree branches above, celebrating being alive and warm.

It was all roughly there, beginning to end. I thought about the power we give to thoughts that are counterproductive and destructive and shared a little sketch of handing the dog a flower. The animals must band together and rebuild their lives. There is music when words fail, growing together as friends and rebuilding lives in uncertain times. He is the pillar of the animals in the valley and gets swallowed first by the dog, making everyone spring into action. The other characters I imagine all have their roles in the community and help rebuild it together, even though they lived very separate before this difficult time.

The ferrets are silly and fun, the badger is the support system, etc. Hopefully everyone will find a different angle on this story. You will also notice a lot of mushrooms. Was your process any different? Leaf grew together out of different stories and that was a marked difference between the two in the beginning. It was a little daunting to follow Leaf so soon after but also freeing in a weird way as I had been really pleased with the response to my debut, and I felt like I could try something a little different.

My brilliant editor Harriet was imperative in this task. This we kept as a visual tool. In an early version of the story the dog swallows the mountains too which break his teeth. He started off looking quite silly but we later decided to make him more wolf-like. My dream studio would be a light space filled with plants, big windows, and french doors leading into a garden which ends at a stream or lake. That would be bliss. I have worked in a shared studio for many years now with different illustrator friends and that has always been pretty ideal.

My workplace, Studio Mama Wolf moved venue several times. That was especially good when we had short dance sessions to loosen up and laugh together and stuffed ourselves with morsels we had brought in to share. Space and food has always been best shared! I went full time as a freelance illustrator in Etsy was a big part of getting established, and my shop there has always been busy and a lifeline in supporting myself as an independent artist.

Two books have been published in the series so far. The next book in the series will be based on Chinese mythology, and is publishing in Autumn The fact they are interested in possibly adapting it is on another level. Sam Arthur, publisher and C. What started as a scroll through Pinterest developed into this beautifully-illustrated passion project about three young women who wanted to reach great heights—Hazel is an Asian American living in San Francisco, Marlene is a young woman living in the English countryside, and Lilya is from a small town in Russia.

Here Sally tells us all about the fascinating stories she learned while working on this book and answers questions about her creative process, how she conducted her research, and her chocolate-filled studio space. I spiraled into an internet research hole and came out with a whole series of paintings and drawings inspired by these pilots.

Nobrow: What kind of research did you do while creating Skyward? Did you get to meet any WWII vets? One of her stories made the book: she was in her plane, and the oil started to leak. She needed a quick fix, so she took off her shirt to clean the oil off the plane. Note: this is referenced in Skyward on page 54, when Hazel has to make an emergency landing and wipe down the windshield with her blouse.

Nobrow: Are the stories of the three girls based on anyone in particular? If so, who? Each one is sort of representative of me in some way. She barely passed the physical, but she did eventually become a pilot. The English women pilots that I saw photos of always looked so beautiful, like models, with their amazing hair and makeup. Also, a lot of flying was learned on the go.

They wanted to keep flying. My parents told me I started holding a pencil at 3. My parents really supported me from a young age with drawing. When I was trying to choose between colleges, my dad saw that I was hesitating between a studio art school and a regular liberal arts college. He encouraged me to go to the art school. Graphic Novel Superstars at Books of Wonder. Storytime at Books Are Magic. Yesterday, creator of the original Hilda graphic novel series Luke Pearson announced the original music by Grimes featured in the title sequence of the Netflix series.

This morning, the Nobrow team in New York screened the first two episodes for kids from Brooklyn schools at the Brooklyn Public Library. Check out hildabooks. Me and My Fear is based on research that creator Francesca Sanna did in classrooms—asking children to draw their fears and encouraging them to talk about what made them afraid.

You can download whichever version applies to you at the links below. US Classroom Guide. UK Classroom Guide.

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I would not have succeeded without the precious help of many people. Firstly, I would like to thank each and every child I met in schools and libraries, who was willing to share their fears about being the new one, the different one, the one from another country. They helped keep my own fear from growing too large. Many of you know Francesca from her brilliant debut picture book, The Journey. Now, Francesca brings us into the story of one young girl, overcoming her struggles to feel at home in her new country.

Here is a rundown of all that we have going on. To attend this event you must be registered for ALA and sign up here. The series follows the journey of a fearless blue-haired girl as she travels from her magical home in the wilderness, filled with elves and giants, to the bustling city of Trolberg. Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay abreast of all the updates! The charming and colourful picture book Th e Diver is out now! Veronica Carratello is an illustrator and comic book artist who has worked with a number of clients including Netflix, Circle Dei Lettori, and has been a part of several exhibitions throughout Italy. admin