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Keywords— unconscious human behaviour; design thinking; II. The unconscious level of mind denotes a set of mental As the world is expanded with innovation in product processes and content that is operated outside of the conscious design, product designers are required to challenge themselves awareness. Although, its fundamental impacts are unaware, to create a product that has more aesthetic values, the unconsciousness continues to affect the experience and functionality and marketable.

This scenario leads them to behavior. Furthermore, rather than the conscious control, the explore every possible factor that could create a new entire behavior of a person is extensively determined by the innovation in product design. To achieve this vision, exploring unconscious mechanism.

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According to Vollmer [2], human values in design innovation has brought them to psychological phenomena perceptions, memory, feeling, another level of design thinking. Therefore, the product mood, mannerism and automatisms have unconscious factors designers have started to think deeply about the nature of in our daily life. Numerous researchers stated that the entire human behavior. Every conscious activity in different classes behavior of a person is extensively determined by the of human society such as disable peoples, elders, children, etc.

The has become a popular study option. In other words, the behavioral response was created unconsciously by the conscious human behavior becomes the most interesting environmental stimuli which continue to affect the emotional realms to be explored. However, there are other realms that system, perceptual system, evaluative system and motivational might be overlooked; the unconscious human behavior.

In system as explained by Bargh and Morsella [3] in their comparison with the conscious human behavior, unconscious unconscious behavioral guidance system see figure 1.

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The limited discussion on the latter has led the designers to neglect its potential value. These two stages A. The Attributtions of Unconscious Everyday Human include the preliminary automatic activation of the mediating system using external stimuli Step 1 and the effect on the Behavior behavior of the formerly defined system in step 1 Step 2. The figure below explains that every behavioral response that a human makes in routine life is triggered by unintentional processes. Though several psychological phenomena such as perceptions, memory, feeling, mood, mannerism and automatisms have unconscious factors, the common routine behaviors; like talking, writing, working and moving, are independent of one's conscious control [2].

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Understanding this unconscious process shall educate a designer to get more understanding of the human behavioral response and its factors of impact. Critical observation and thinking regarding this matter would bring out into the open somewhat mysterious cognitive of unconscious human behavior. Furthermore, it shall influence them to generate more valuable, innovative concept appropriate for behavioral product design.

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Four attributions of unconscious everyday human behavior III. All these Unconscious behaviors can also be explained as an automatic seven attributes are descriptively derived by Suri from her process of being effortless, unconscious and involuntary [5]. As explained attributions see Figure 2. The attributions of unconscious by Alexander, unselfconscious design was recognized as everyday human behavior were derived from the repeated traditional design method before the advent of professional process of analysis and categorization from a lot of design design.

Furthermore, unselfconscious culture was viewed as a cases which induces unconscious behaviors. Previously, the form [7]. This is in agreement with Suri's [4] proposal that as exact distinction among the attributes was not that meaningful an intelligent creature in the world, human always make for designers.

Unconscious Behavior And Psychology

As an example, the term 'reacting' and interpretations about things around them all the time; how it 'responding' do not seem to be very different from each other, might work and what human can do with it. At the same time, and somehow it could explain a design case in both ways. Suri justified that this awareness is evident from Some attributions of everyday unconscious human behavior human actions, even human are not conscious of the theme. Some of these situations happen with no intention at by others. It might happen to achieve a certain goal or not at all.

In other words, humans do have a specific goal, but the selection of behavior happened almost unconsciously by habit or through their experiences. Cornfield Lamp Unconscious Human Behavior 2 Malaysian Penpals: The pen was designed based on The human usually tries to solve their problems by reacting attributions. Generally, humans used to feel stressed themselves, before expressing a problem to anyone else or do while writing.

Some of them start to react by knocking their not turn to anything unless they need it. Generally, humans pen, swing them or even bite them. When one is stressed and use their immediate sense of creativity to solve the started to swing this product, it starts to produce a light. The instantaneous problem. At this point, creativity is achieved by pen was designed with a small led light and a simple sensor inspiration instead of instruction. Hua and Fei [9] stressed that system. It can detect changes of breeze and corresponding most needs could not be detected easily because these needs temperature.

The interactive glowing light could cheer up the can only be met and balanced by one's own selves without any user for a while and reducing the stress. The interactivity help strong desire to achieve something, which is termed as user to built a positive emotional interaction.

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In this situation, the way in which people solve or balance their own implicit needs is called as unconscious behavior. The process happened in this situation may confuse the designers. In the blink of an eye, designers can't easily detect the human's implicit needs unless they widen their gaze of observation and thinking critically. Hua and Fei justified their theory as presented in a model as follows see Figure 3.

The signal attributions are applied in the design. The sprout on the cord grows up to indicate that the connected device is being Fig. Hua and Fei's model of obivious and latent needs everyday life used while the longer sprout's length indicates that the connected device needs to be pulled out.

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Previous Design Projects Inpired From The Value of Unconscious Human Behavior As an example, a few design projects inspired by the value of unconscious human behavior, including its four attributes are listed as follows: 1 Cornfield Lamp: Normally, human love to walk in the cornfield with their hand opened and touching the corn leaf. In this situation, unconsciously, they were influenced by other people belief and behavior.

Cornfield lamp was designed with fluorescent light which was composed as a bunch of fiber like a plant. A color led light is fixed at the bottom with several sensors set both on the head and at the bottom of fibers. The conformity attributes applied in the design. A lights will be triggered when anyone walks into it and touching the fiber.

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It Fig. It contains archetypes such as the mother and father that drive human behavior. Views on the unconscious mind differ greatly among contemporary psychologists. In the s and s, many therapists attempted to recover repressed memories using hypnosis. Many of these memories turned out to be false memories that caused suffering for people who believed they were truly remembering abuse that actually occurred. This scandal made mental health professionals increasingly aware of the difficulties associated with attempting to access the unconscious mind.

A number of current practitioners believe it cannot be accessed, that it does not exist, or that accessing the unconscious mind is simply too dangerous to attempt.

Please fill out all required fields to submit your message. By commenting you acknowledge acceptance of GoodTherapy. Leave this field empty. Get Listed Login. Good Therapy. Get Help Learn About. Role of the Unconscious Sigmund Freud argued that unacceptable thoughts, memories, and motives could be repressed in the unconscious mind.

Unconscious in Contemporary Psychology Views on the unconscious mind differ greatly among contemporary psychologists. Reference: American Psychological Association.

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