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No more store-bought Challah bread for us. Thank you so much and continue your amazing work. Thank you! So today, in a bit of a panic, I found myself staring at my 4 strands of dough, mind blank. I bake at ft elevation in the Western end of the Mojave Desert, which make a difference in a couple of ways. How do you usually put raisins into the dough if you are making one of the braided challah?

I do not want the raisins to be exposed on the surface of the dough since that usually results in overcooked burned raisins. I usually press the raisins into the individual strands and pull the dough around them There is a seam that I try to hide underneath before braiding. A while back you posted instructions for braiding a Four Strand Round Challah.

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I seemed to have misplaced the copy I downloaded. Could you post this once again?? It really made for a beautiful challah. Hi Fred! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have tried sooo many times over the years to make my challah with 6 strands and failed every time. Your instructions had me on point the first time out. Wow, thank you so much for these wonderful instructions! I finally made my first 4-strand challah loaf yesterday but would have greatly benefited from these instructions. I fought the gloriously springy dough such that it was very difficult to make a reasonably uniform or even lengthy!

Thank you so much for your easy to follow photos and braiding directions. Today I tried the 4 braids, and your over-under method was a cinch. Honey and I mix and knead in my KitchenAid. Any tips on how to get more of a football shape with better height in the middle? Thank you. Dear Allison! It helps to encourage the loaf to rise upwards instead of sprawling out like a kitty in the sunshine. There are special pans we use like a tube pan That are shaped like a football Most kosher groceries sell Or Judaica stores may have metal ones Or a houseware store in a very Jewish neighborhood like in Brooklyn New york.

This is the first braiding tutorial that I can actually follow.

Nine strand dutch braid up close with more lights

My very first challah 4-stand loaf is rising in the kitchen. I love making Challah for our Sabbath gatherings! At first, I was timid and went exactly by the recipe. Later, as I gained confidence, I began to experiment, using craisins and walnuts in the Challah. Everyone loved it. Then I put ground flaxseed, chia and sesame seeds in one. They loved it too! I have just made our Sabbath Challah and used your 4-strand method. It turned out so pretty! I will probably try the 6-strand next time! Tori- I have been trying to make and braid challahs for years without success.

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This tutorial, with such clear pictures every step of the way is so explanatory and clear! Thank you!!! This is my first time making challah on my own. Do I have any options at this point but to cook it up and see how it turns out? Did you ever learn to proof your yeast? First, I never use fast-rise yeast. If the liquid is too hot, it will kill the yeast; too cold, nothing will happen. Next, add your yeast PLUS at least one teaspoon of sugar or honey. This is critical to make it proof. You can totally skip the proofing part and just make your bread.

The caveat is that they come on brontasaurus sized containers 1 lb. Adding the chopped apples, as well as raisins I usually do, was a new idea, as well as using a rolling pin with the strands. All these years, my 3 braided ones never came out looking the way I wanted, and I despaired over doing a 4 braided one. After using your explanation, the 4 braided one is even easier to do!

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  • I did the 4 braids, then wound it in a circle for Rosh HaShana. I also substituted 2 cups of white flour with whole wheat flour, so the challah came out almost like cake. Your recipe was delicious and very easy to make. I also use the liquid left over after boiling peeled potatoes, instead of tap water. Thank you again. You truly have inspired me! Would you recommend using your entire dough recipe for the linked loops challah or should I make 2?

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    • How long do you recommend baking for if using your recipe? Hi Kristina, one recipe should be enough for a linked loops challah. You can also stick an instant read thermometer in the thickest part of the challah— when it reads , it is baked all the way through. I have been making challah for about 2 years. I use the lazy in a zip lock bag recipe with all purpose flour and have had great success. I always do a 6 braid round or 3 braid long. Cook at for 40 minutes per recipe however I have noticed that in summer needs to cook longer.

      Tried your turban style and switched to bread flower instead of all purpuse. I am baking the turban style for the holidays per my cousin who puts on the event for 30 people so do not want to blow it. Not happy at all with results. Drier then I like and could not get cracks out of dough. Will try again later this week your turban with all purpose flour and hope for the best. Just wondering your thoughts. By the way I really like how you lay out all the different styles. Jay Seiler. Hi Jay— I am not familiar with the zip lock bag method, I have never tried it that way so difficult to advise you on the texture issues.

      Jay — Your problem is in the flour. Bread flour has a higher protein content which helps with structure, but it also absorbs significantly more liquid than AP flour. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing how to braid challah! Mine turned out beautifully! The braiding part always scared? Place it on a baking sheet so it has room to expand— the edges of a pan will keep it from expanding and it may end up looking misshapen.

      This was so helpful! I have not yet made my own challah. My efforts make me think of the Three Stooges episode where they are being schooled in fine etiquette. I baked challah this morning. I placed the smaller strand on top of the larger strand, but the smaller braids kept falling off the loaf. I tried to apply some egg wash between the loaves to make them stick together, but still had a problem.

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      Any ideas on how to make this double-decker trick work? Here are instructions for the Challah I made this past Thursday. Divide dough into 4 pieces. Braid 3. Use a rolling pin to make an gentle dent on 3 braid. Divide other piece in 2. Roll one piece with poppy seeds on the outside. Roll other piece with sesame seeds on the outside. Twist the two together.

      The twist should be a bit longer than 3 braid. Dampen dent a little with water. Place seeded twist on top and tuck under the ends. Bake as usual. I wish I could post a photo. This looked beautiful. Use lots of seeds… seeds are blessings! This is a awesome site. Thankful for this. My husbands Jewish. I do that because I am a visual person too, and when I first started learning how to cook I wished that I had pictures of each step… it would have made the process so much easier! Thank yo so much for the over under challah braiding instructions.

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      I have been struggling with the numbered method. This is so much easier! Published August 26, - Last Updated July 29, Three-Strand Challah. Three-Strand Challah Braid. Four-Strand Challah. Four-Strand Challah Braid. Six-Strand Challah. Six-Strand Challah Braid.

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